Absolute Radio Live Competition

Absolute Radio are asking forums to discuss their live experiences and submit their four best stories to www.absoluteradio.co.uk. The station, naturally, contacted QOL due to the band's huge live reputation.

These could be anything connected to live music; the time you watched a gig from backstage, or got lost at a festival and discovered Tibetan throat singing for example. Though obviously we would love to give them our Queen stories if possible!

From the 3rd August onwards we'll be holding four competitions, each lasting a week. During this time, the best live stories be discussed on-air on Absolute Radio and the public will vote for their favourites. The person whose story wins will get a pair of tickets to a live event (like Reading or V Festival).

At the end of the summer, each forum with a winning story will go into a final for the chance to create a virtual festival, picking two hours' worth of live tracks to be played as an Absolute Radio show.


Let's get Freddie and the boys live thrills back on the radio!

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