Bass Legends: Queen's John Deacon

Bass Legends Feature on John Deacon over ar

Freddie Mercury's recent would be 65th birthday cannot fail to bring Queen's bassist John Deacon to mind. Deacon is not only the first in our series of Bass Legend profiles to coincide with Bass Week on MusicRadar, but also the only player to have two entries in our greatest basslines of all time poll.

Since the demise of the band following Freddie's tragic death Deacon went to ground, avoiding anything to do with Queen thereafter with the exception of the Freddie Mercury Tribute gig at Wembley Stadium in 1992, but even for that he wasn't involved in the rehearsals!

After many failed attempts to interview him over the years we tried the sneaky approach and asked Brian May if he could possibly pull a few strings for us? He laughed, "He won't talk to me so why the fuck would he talk to you?" A good point well made Brian, and from that moment on any hope of an interview was promptly abandoned.

But gone is not forgotten. John was/is (he may still play at home) an amazingly melodic bass player and although he's probably best known for the dominant riff on his composition, Another One Bites The Dust, he first caught our attention on Killer Queen.

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