Message From Peter Freestone: "The 24th is a Special Day"

On the eve of the anniversary of Freddie's death Peter Freestone, his former PA, sent through this lovely little note:

"Hi all you Freddie fans out there! I know the 24th is a special day, for many a day of sadness. For myself, it is not a day for tears, but really a day to think about Freddie's release from pain and suffering. It should be a day to think about the amazing music and lyrics he gave all of us, and the wonderful memories we live with today."

Take care


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Message From Peter Freestone: "The 24th is a Special Day"


God Save Our Queen!


RIP Freddie, you may be gone but your voice lives on for all eternity. I grew ujp listening to your vocals and will probably die an old man but I will always enjoy listening to Queen and your voice Freddie. See you one day.

Inke Fuchs

Freddie forever & ever!!!
THANKS Peter!!!


Thanks Peter...miss & love Freddie & still listening and enjoying his music to the max (which is hard to do without feeling a little bit sad) ...the most incredible singer ever.


Great message Peter , You were and are an amazing friend to Freddie. I think that both of your are still always still there for each other . Pretty cool !!!!

chris bennett

A day, a person, a life, a era in time never to be forgotten

david taylor

Nice Peter.....enjoy Montreux x


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