OUT TODAY! Queen Icon - New North American Limited Edition Release

Certified by the Guinness Book of Records as the biggest selling British band of all time, Queen is the very definition of ICON. They are one of the most bought, most played, and most downloaded acts in every media. 

This new compilation draws from every era of their incomparable career - from the early hard rock of 'Stone Cold Crazy' and 'Tie Your Mother Down' through worldwide #1 hits such as 'We Will Rock You,' 'We Are The Champions,' and 'Another One Bites The Dust' and on to the unduplicatable 'Bohemian Rhapsody,' the 4-on-the-floor rocker 'I'm In Love With My Car' and the anthemic 'I Want It All' and the inspirational 'The Show Must Go On.' A must for every Queen collector's collection.

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1. Stone Cold Crazy

2. Tie Your Mother Down

3. Fat Bottomed Girls

4. Another One Bites the Dust

5. We Will Rock You

6. We Are the Champions

7. Radio Ga Ga

8. Bohemian Rhapsody

9. I'm in Love With My Car

10. I Want It All

11. The Show Must Go On

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OUT TODAY! Queen Icon - New North American Limited Edition Release

Get the lube ready...

Obscene. Brian and Roger must think We Are The Chumpions if they expect us to buy this piece of stinking garbage. This is barrel scraping on an indecent scale. Disrespectful in the extreme to loyal fans. A further insult to America which Queen has treated with disdain historically. Overall a blatant cash-grab and a poor value one at that. Let's have something we actually want. What next, a live Brian and Kerry album? Another Magic Tour show? Queen Rocks Volume 2? The sham must go on...


Queen productions, listen and read the comments of Queen fans!!!!!!

Queen fan in States

I live in the States and no, I don't get this release. Quit saying "to reach a new audience," blah blah blah. If you spend the money on this release, why not spend the money on releasing something of worth, like rare demos, unreleased live stuff, something other than another compilation!

Mainstream fans have numerous compilation albums (Greatest Hits, Classic Queen, Greatest Hits 3, Platinum Collection, Queen Rocks, Queen A-Z, Greatest Hits WWRY Edition, am I'm missing anything else? My fingers are tired...) to discover Queen. Meanwhile the current fan base is growing tired and sadly moving on.

I do like this track list though. So instead of buying this CD, I will just arrange my iTunes playlist accordingly, since I already have every song. Thanks for the idea!

Now release something of worth please! It's starting to get embarrassing Brian and Roger.


There aint no more milk in the cow!

This is the same stuff that can be found on 30 other albums/compilations

I'll part with my money for ANY new material but this kinda stuff is getting old - stop milking it!

Your fan's deserve better!

When will Roger's new album be available???


Please return it to the sender....Don't bother real queen fans with this..


P.S it must be clear that crap is not referred to queen music, that I love..it's clear I'm a huge fan, crap is referred to this concept : Greatest Hits = FANTASTIC, Greatest Hits II = FANTASTIC, Greatest Hits III = are you kidding?, Queen Rocks = are you kidding?...Absolute Greatest = ARE YOU KIDDING?, Queen Icon= AREE YOUUUU KIDDINNNNG? (and I don't want even start discussing the cosmos rocks, the damn WWRY musical, the extravaganza...ecc...) I don't wanna sound rude but ..in italian we say ''state cagando fuori dal vasino'' look in google translate.


what??????????????? are you kidding me right? the WWRY musical, the extravaganza, Kerry Ellis and now another sort of greatest hits???? Shame on you...I've been collecting your stuff since I was 15 and now? this is your best idea? Stop with this stuff !! Come one!! you don't need this, you are rich enough... release something new!!! Just to make money you're turning your back on your fans by publishing this crap.


Christ! - Is it the 1st of April or something?! I don't know where Brian & Roger have put their morals of late but this is taking the piss big time - my advice to all is get your mp3 player out and make your own playlist - DONT PAY FOR THIS


"A must for every Queen collector's collection" :-) :-) :-) ARE YOU CRAZY. How many time we have to buy same think. I have all your CD's each one 2 times(original one and 2011 edition) and you want me to buy same song again. And yes I have "Platinum Edition" So I paid for "The Show Must Go On" I don't know how many time already. Am I gonna buy it one more time ?!?!?!? NO!!!!
Please release something rare like "Dog With a Bone" this is a good song, or "46664" a good song too. And if you decide to release "Live At Wembley" again, please do it not only on DVD but Blu-ray too, and why not on 3D Blu-ray.

Neil Pearson

"A must for every Queen collector's collection" - are you winding us up? This wouldn't be a must even for casual listeners who had only bought the greatest hits albums. Still we should be grateful for some Queen news that doesn't mention the vastly over-rated Kerry Ellis or badgers


Good point from the US. I can see all points. In the UK I think I speak for the majority of fans when I feel we are well overdue a live release. Yes you have heard it before, but if someone of relevance is reading......PLEASE can we have Earls Court 1977. It really would go down a storm. For me it was and is what Queen are about. It has the accessible 'main stream' element , and also goes into the deeper sound of the greatest band to have landed on planet Earth. PLEASE, for everyone in all four corners of our Queen loving world..... PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ( Ok overdoing the pleases, but you get my point !!) More comments like this ...... we live in optimistic hope.


Upon reading the comments here, it is my belief most people do not understand the reason for this release. I live in the USA and it's quite hard to find physical CD's in any place apart from very few if any record shops. This is obviously a budget release ($6.99) and I suspect the hope is to get it in nontraditional places as a taster of some of Queen's fantastic music. I think as a marketing idea it makes sense and hopefully it will be available to purchase at nontraditional outlets. I understand the concept here and it certainly isn't marketed to Queen's hard-core fans. I will buy it because I'm a completist, but others simply don't have to. We all have a choice.


That is NOT from every era! It does not include anything from "The Cosmos Rocks"! One of their best studio l.p.s!!!


Stop with this things!! Come one!! , release something new!!!




Just lazy. How much money do you guys need? Do you have some sort of masterplan to alienate your fans? Cos it's working pretty well.


REALLY....come on guys...how many times can you release the same old stuff.Rock You & Champions should never see the light of day again over here.You coulda released something really special on RSD..whatever happened to the HISTORY OF QUEEN A-Z series you started.This will end up in the $5 discount bin along with the horrendous Stone Cold Classics.I love you guys..saw you 40 times live...but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...no wonder Deaky is in hiding..you are embarrassing him.YNWA...BINGLEY 77

André Bulsara

What a boring tracklist. More of the same. And 18 tracks will sound a lot better instead of eleven. The only thing good is the photo. I'm not buying it...


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