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Rolling Stone: Keeping Freddie Mercury's Legacy Alive

How Queen + Adam Lambert Are Keeping Freddie Mercury's Legacy Alive

"I've always been honored and understanding of the weight and legacy of the band," singer says ahead of summer tour.

Queen's Brian May and Roger Taylor and live frontman Adam Lambert discuss how their collaboration came about, and their big summer tour.

"The real fans of course know our stuff," says May. "The general public knows the hits, so you've got to cater for that. But we can chuck in a few things that people really don't expect. We'll do quite a bit more of that this time around."

Taylor adds, "Just to keep our own interest up, we'll be doing stuff we either haven't done before or haven't done for a long time. ... We started as an albums band – that's what we were. The fact that we had hits was just 'by the way.' It was a byproduct."

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Tickets go on general sale on February 3rd,

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