The Cross - 20th Anniversary Reunion Performance Merchandise

To commemorate the much anticipated “20th Anniversary Reunion Performance” of THE CROSS, at this year‘s SAS Band Xmas show, G Live, 7th December, we are producing a limited run of special anniversary memorabilia, which will be available to purchase at the show, but can also be ordered in advance by credit card from the SAS Band office, for those of you who cannot make the show, or don‘t want to miss out...

Men‘s & Women‘s short sleeve t-shirts:

(printed front and back - sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL) 

£20 + postage/packaging 

Men‘s & Women‘s long sleeve t-shirts:

(printed front and right sleeve - sizes S,M,L,XL,XXL)

£25 + postage/packaging

Coffee Mug

£7 (available for purchase at the gig only)

To place your order, please contact the SAS Band office with your credit card details from Tuesday, 26th November on +44 (0)1293 783 399.

Earlier orders can be placed to reserve items via, but you will still need to call the office on the 26th to confirm your order with a credit card.

We are all looking forward to G Live!


Spike Edney

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The Cross - 20th Anniversary Reunion Performance Merchandise


Hi, do you have any of these t-shirts left in size M ?


fix the issues with the lot boxsets before you try to sell people another round of crap. and give people who bought one these stupid shirts for free. I'm not one of them, so that shouln't be a problem for you ignorant royal minions?

A. Murray

It get's better everyday! Where is the 'Keep Calm until we Fix The Lot' T-shirt?

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