18th September 2018

North American Tour: The Fans Have Spoken...

The QuEx are currently out rocking North America with their Greatest Hits show, here is what you have had to say about them...

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"High energy, super fun, great musicians! I love the close-up setting you can get at the Orpheum." migsmama68 (Madison)

"Perfect place. Perfect music. Delivered with love and care. Had a great time." Seydealvarez (Madison)

"Just seen some clips on youtube from this concert. I take back every bad word I’ve said, this looks f*cking awesome roll on November can't wait. Alirio Netto, you rock bud." Mark Johna Johnstone (Houston)

"This show was absolutely breathtaking. I knew these guys were good, but they shocked me with how amazing and on point they were. I will remember this concert for the rest of my life, and it is honestly my favourite concert yet. These guys really lived up to the Queen legacy, and that’s a huge stamp of approval coming from a die-hard Queenie.” Trinity Ragnes (Detroit)

"This show was absolutely amazing. These guys really lived up to the Queen legacy. As a die-hard Queenie, they have earned my love and that’s pretty hard to do.” queen.lives.on (Detroit)

"Saw this last night with my daughter, her first concert and my...can’t remember, but it was one of the BEST rock and roll concerts I’ve ever seen!!! What an amazing bunch of artists/musicians portraying one of the all-time greatest bands! I’d go again if I could.” John Adkins (Kentucky)

"I loved the performance yesterday, it was amazing! Had a great time, went back memory lane and it was just a great fun time! Thank you, guys!” Lin Voigt (Dallas)

"You put on a killer show. So much energy and top-notch musicianship!” Matthew Weise (Detroit)

“Alirio Netto should be super proud of his performance! You gave your heart to every Queen song you performed. For that, THANK YOU!” Owen Naron (Kentucky)

“OMG, what a fantastic show. lead singer and everybody else was just amazing. this was my first concert ever and I was not disappointed. Great show." Karina Dielkes (Kentucky)

"You guys were so awesome last night! Can't wait till you get to Houston again!!" Jessica Fernandez (Houston)

"That was a fun show....thank you guys for rocking Grand Rapids tonight and letting us share in the joy of the music of Freddie Mercury and company…” Ringo Alexander (Grand Rapids)

"You were FANTASTIC!!!! Thanks for coming to the Ville and sharing your incredible talents with us. Thoroughly enjoyed you, the show and the meet and greet. Rock on!” Rebecca Clark (Kentucky)

"You all were AMAZING!” Angela Cardenas Isart (Houston)

"Y’all were fantastic! My daughter and I loved the show. Front row to all the awesome music. Well done, guys!” Kristy Lyn (Dallas)

"Thank you for putting on a great show! Fabulous performance!” Susan Garcia (Detroit)

"Excellent show! Awesome vocals & musicians! It’s great when your daughter & granddaughter love the same music as you do!” Vickie Gill (Grand Rapids)

"This was my 12-year-old son’s first concert. He is hooked and wants to see another show!” Andrea Heckenmueller (Grand Rapids)

"My 13 yr old daughter LOVED the show!” Erin Phillips (Grand Rapids)

"It was a great show! Exceeded my expectations. Obrigada!” Corrie DeCamp (Dallas)

"Y'all put on a great show. Thanks for a wonderful evening.” Jenne Turner (Dallas)

"It was fantastic. You guys rock!!!!" Cathy McTigue (Dallas)