1st February 2019

Italian Production Opens in Milan

The new Italian touring production of We Will Rock You opened on Thursday night in Milan at the Teatro Ciak. Check out the footage below of the closing of the show.

Click here for tickets and tour dates.

Silvia Arosio Review (Translated Quotes below)

"Everyone is crazy about Queen, these days, the passion for Queen is driving more and more people to the theatre, and it’s a good sign."
"There’s more to it than cinema; people discover Queen and enjoy live music at the theatre, and bring their children too...the show I saw last night on stage was theatre in its purest essence."
"The work done on the script has enhanced its dramaturgical side and made the plot more enjoyable...the updated and revised script, translated by Raffaella Rolla and adapted by Michaela Berlini, Valentina Ferrari and Claudio Trotta, features some accurate local adaptations and focuses on key issues such as the battle against secondary ticketing."
Rockol Review (Translated Quotes below)
"WWRY, the Queen musical in the Bohemian Rhapsody era.”

“Today, more than ever, it seems totally spontaneous to get together to listen to Queen music and clap hands in time, at Wembley or at Teatro Ciak in Milan".