Features Archive - 2014

Brian's One Night in Hell on SKY

Brian May has produced his first ever short film! See it on Sky Arts & Sky 3D (UK) at 7.40pm on Friday 31st October, Halloween! More info @ www.onenightinhell.com

When I Met Queen by Ash Alexander - Part 2

When I Met Queen - Part 2 by Ash Alexander In September 1986, after getting home from the job interview, I received news I’d been given the job at Pete…

When I Met Queen by Ash Alexander - Part 1

When I Met Queen - Part 1 by Ash Alexander The following note is something I’ve wanted to document for a while. It was spurred on by the Queen Fan…

Exclusive: QueenOnline Interview with Patti Russo

QOL: Hello Patti. QueenOnline.com calling. Lets get to it, what is your connection to the Queen Family? Patti Russo: Divine Intervention! Ha! I've been a huge fan for ages. I'd…

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