Brian May Feature - The Red Special Book Launch

The Red Special Book Launch

“This book about my home-made guitar has been waiting in the wings for a very long time….Why the name ‘Red Special’? It goes back a long way. In the early days, she was always just ‘The Guitar’, and I think it was Jock, one of my first guitar techs, who, in a moment of what one might call over- familiarity, likened his burden of taking care of it to taking care of a spouse, referring to my treasure as the ‘Old Lady’. The appellation had an appeal, and kind of took root for a while. But, to me, this very personal instrument, with her humble beginnings in the minds and hands of my Dad and me, was worthy of a bit more respect than that. I remembered that at the time we finished the top coat of varnish, my Dad had wanted to christen her as the Brian May Special, and I had poo-pooed the idea; now I realised that it wasn’t so uncool to give her a proper name. So one day in a radio interview, when someone asked me what I called the guitar, the words Red Special just tumbled out before I’d had time to think. And from then on, that was her name. There are now a few thousand Red Special replicas in the world, but my first love still keeps some of her mystery. She is, after all, a one-off!” Brian May

 - Watch below the 40 minute feature from the Red Special Launch Evening.


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Brian May Feature - The Red Special Book Launch


Truly a hero, what a musician and humble man Brian is!! I had the privilege of watching Queen + Adam Lambert in London, it gave my generation a chance to see the real thing live...what a concert my god I was with my partner crying the hole way throw !!


Brian, I love listening to you talk about your beautiful very special guitar. I lost both my parents a bit young and I know how valuable something you did together can be. You and your dad are incredibly inventive and talented, thank you for being so open, humble and honest.

Bertolani, Angelo J

Hello, I'm from São Paulo - Brazil, near Morumbi Stadium, and I see the first show here 1981...Wonderfull time ...thanks..Mr Alan Light Journalist for The New York Times published a photo of this old Morumbi stadium , the early days of the group Queen , so thank you for keep this historic keepsake .....


i mean wonderful of course :)

Keith Canvas

what a wonderfull human being


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