QOL Exclusive: Roger Taylor Q&A


What drew you to hiring Bob Ludwig to re-master the albums, and is a worldwide revamp of the catalogue something you have been keen to do for some time?

Josh (Macrae) and Justin (Shirley-Smith) appointed about 8 different mastering dons to re-master the albums and we all thought Bob Ludwig’s sounded the best.

The drums and bass lines have all been dramatically boosted on the new reissues. Are you rediscovering parts of the songs you'd forgotten were there?

Drum and bass lines haven’t particularly been boosted but modern technology enables us to clarify the sound in ways impossible before.

What was the process for choosing the bonus tracks for the reissues?

The process for choosing the bonus tracks the was entirely subjective, between Josh, Justin, Brian and myself.

Will the issuing of the bonus material be the start of the Anthology projects seeing the light of day?

I guess so…

Now that Queen has moved to a new record label, what will become of your solo material? Will that too, see a reissue, and if so, will they be given a clean up too?

I am collecting and collating my solo material and hope to release re-mastered versions, hopefully, along with an album of new material in the next year.

Re-masters, exhibitions, films, a lot of activity this year, the only thing that is missing is some sort of live element….are you keen?

Live element, yes I’m keen, watch this space….

Are we ever likely to see Queen as a headline act or are we more likely to see more appearances in the same vain as the Princes Trust Show?

I would prefer to do proper shows in our own right, I don’t particularly like one off’s.

Apart from Live Aid, what is your stand out live moment with the band?

Too many to pick just one, we were very good live !

With the exception of the obvious (Bohemian Rhapsody, Live Aid, etc), what do you consider your biggest and most satisfying accomplishments over the last 40 years?

Keeping the music alive and appealing to all ages, especially, a new young audience 40 years later.

If you had to pick one song written by each member of the band, which would be your favourites?

Too hard.

The Deep Cuts albums; was it fun digging into the album tracks rather than working with the ‘hits’? Are there any tracks that you wish you had played more live?

Deep Cuts was a very tough and subjective choice, maybe not deep enough, there are many tracks I wish we had played live more.

Do you see any further studio work as Queen in one form or another, either reworking old tracks with Freddie's voice like you did with Made In Heaven or with new material?

I would like to do some more new Queen material with Brian.

Brian has talked of ‘Buns in the Oven’…care to expand on that?

All will be revealed…ps I hadn’t realised he was pregnant!

What was the last Queen album that you listened to?

Sheer Heart Attack

Freddie liked birthday parties, would he have enjoyed the attention that the 40th Anniversary is generating?

Freddie always enjoyed attention.

What will your involvement be in the Queen/Freddie film, is there a chance of you   popping up in the background in any scenes?

Our involvement is significant but not upfront we will however be in charge of the music.

Queen celebrations aside, are you looking to follow up The Unblinking Eye? 

I very much look forward to following up The Unblinking Eye and am working on material as we speak .

The Cosmos Rocks album and the Paul Rodgers tours…how do you look back on that period of the band?

The Cosmos Rocks album was not at all bad and I thoroughly enjoyed the tours we did with Paul he is one of the finest singers alive. I regret that some people expected him to be Freddie, how crass.

Finally, Congratulations on getting married, could you let us in on gig was played at your reception? Who played and what was cranked out?

Thank you,  for your congratulations. We had a fine impromtu concert,  amongst  those who played where , Brian May,  Joe Elliot, Martin Chambers, The SAS band, Roger Daltrey, Mike Rutherford, Nick Mason, Bob Geldof, Rufus Taylor, Felix Taylor, Josh Macrae, Gary Brooker, The Fabba Girls, Ryan Molloy and Jeff Scott Soto.


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QOL Exclusive: Roger Taylor Q&A


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