The ROCKMOS! Story

The ROCKMOS! story by Thilo Rahn

As a big Queen fan, who never had the chance to see QUEEN live on stage, I was so happy when I heard of the tour announcement of QUEEN+Paul Rodgers in December 2004. My long time dream should become a reality!

In the following months and years I “converted” to one of those so called “hardcore fans”, visiting many concerts of the same tour and following the band from city to city, attending 22 concert all in all… crazy? It’s actually totally normal for a QUEEN fan! It was real fun and these experiences are amongst the best in my life so far.

Being a passionate photographer since I was a child, I of course took a camera to the concerts (it was only possible to get in a small digital compact camera). I made thousands of pictures and I was so happy with the results that I made some private photobooks of the 3 tours. I gave copies of these books to Brian May, Paul Rodgers and Roger Taylor. They were all hugely impressed and thanked me personally for it.

At one point Brian asked me, if I intend to publish the books and encouraged me to do so.

Many things have happened since that day, but now the work is completed. The result is ROCKMOS!, a fanbook with hundreds of great concert shots plus nice stories and photos of our everyday lives as QUEEN Fans on tour from 2005-2008.

ROCKMOS! has it’s approval by QUEEN and Paul Rodgers AND it has forewords from the three musicians inside.

As a special extra ROCKMOS! includes an annex with all the dates and facts about each of the 109 QUEEN and Paul Rodgers live appearances from 2005-2008.

The special edition of ROCKMOS!, which was limited to 111 numbered copies was sold out within a few days. Number 2, 3 and 4 of this edition belong to Brian, Paul and Roger. I was very lucky to meet Brian and Roger on October, 21 2010 in Berlin after the premiere of “We Will Rock You” at the “Theater des Westens”. I handed them their copies and they signed mine. Brian immediately started browsing through the book and Roger held it in his arms for a longer time. Both were very enthusiastic about the result of my work and they are really happy to own copies. You can see the pictures of me and them and ROCKMOS! and a picture of their signature in my copy.

The price of the standard edition of ROCKMOS! is 34.90 EUR plus shipping.

ROCKMOS! is sold online at: (soon!)

And it is included in the merchandising stock in Berlin at the “Theater des Westens”. ROCKMOS is not available in bookstores as there is no publisher. ROCKMOS! is self published and funded entirely by me .

2 EUR of each sold book are donated to the Mercury Phoenix Trust!

I am overwhelmed by all the support from Fanclubs and Fans all over the world and from Queen and Paul Rodgers. I’d like to thank everyone for their great feedback. Here’s some of the feedback I have received:

“You did it!!!” – Brian May

“It’s a better diary or record of the tours than I have!” – Roger Taylor

“I have just finished reading it now. I thought it is the best photographic diary I have ever seen. It is SO much more than just words and pictures. You feel involved. It really is a must for any QUEEN + PR fan!” – Peter Freestone

I think, ROCKMOS is interesting not only to all those who attended the Q+PR concerts, but to every Queen fan as you can see the latest pictures of Queen on stage that are published. I love ROCKMOS! and I am really happy with the result of almost one year of work to put the book together. It got even better than I could imagine…it’s great and definitely a MUST-HAVE!

For all the latest information on ROCKMOS! and to contact other fans of Queen and ROCKMOS take a look at the facebook page.

Thank you to all those I met on the road between 2005 and 2008 and to all those who are interested in the project,

All the best,
Thilo Rahn

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The ROCKMOS! Story


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