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The Official Queen Podcast - Join host Nick Weymouth as he interviews band members, work colleagues and members of the extended Queen family. Enjoy!

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Episode 20 (Part 1) - Brian May and Kerry Ellis

Episode 19 - Marc Martel (Queen Extravaganza)

Episode 18 - Greg Brooks (Queen Archivist)

Episode 17 - Tyler Warren (Queen Extravaganza)

Episode 16 - Rosie Horide (Part 2)

Episode 15 - Rosie Horide (Part 1)

Episode 14 - Steve Coles (Collector)

Episode 13 - Andrew Daw (Universal Music)

Episode 12 - Brian May (Part 3)

Episode 11 - Brian May (Part 2)

Episode 10 - Brian May (Part 1)

Episode 9 - Peter Gibbon Hansen (We Will Rock You General Manager)

Episode 8 - Brandon Ethridge Interview (Keyboard Player and Musical Director of The Queen Extravaganza)

Episode 7 - Maureen Barclay Interview (Mercury Phoenix Trust Fundraiser)

Episode 6 - Marc Martel (Lead Singer of The Queen Extravaganza)

Episode 5 - Rufus Taylor (Roger's son and touring percussionist with Queen + Adam Lambert)

Episode 4 - Neil Fairclough (Queen + Adam Lambert touring bassist)

Episode 3 - Greg Brooks (Queen Archivist)

Episode 2 - Roger Taylor (Part 2) 

Episode 1 - Roger Taylor (Part 1)

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The Official Queen Podcast


Hello Queen!!
I bought my tickets to finally get to see you in Edmonton, Canada! I'm a huge fan and cannot wait for summer. Thank you for coming together, it's truly a dream come true. You rock!!!

Love From Canada

jessieka arboleda

i know how hard to lose freddie but in your hearts he is still alive and we still love him i wish you still make a tour or a renioun tour or i don't know i really wanna saw you guys really bad even i'm not born at 90's i really love your songs especially bohemian rhapsody i'm really lucky that my sister sang this at the karaoke so i know you

Love From

Ingo ....

Greetings from Luxembourg,

we are a daily newspaper in Luxembourg and want to honour Freddie Mercury on his 70th anniversary.
But we need a few pics from his life, concerts, etc…, which we can publish in our newspaper…
Does anybody knows an address, a person, foundation, where I could ask for such pictures?

Thx a lot for your help

Morgan Phillips

To whom this may concern.
My company is called Mountwells recording productions
and I have being trying to get ahold of the manager of Queen so I am hoping you might be able to help me out
the reason I am contacting you is to inform I might have found not only a look alike singer of the late Freddy Mercury. You have to see it for yourself. His name is Marc Martel and I came across him performing on facebook
look up Sublmare. the song that got my attention was Somebody to love. The best way to find him is look up on facebook type: Sublimare marc martel.
it should come up;
if you have further questions or problem finding him contact me back I can help you.

Galo Cisneros Viteri

Soy de Ecuador en Sudamerica y soy fan de QUEEN desde el año 1978, su música me encanta y no puedo compararle con ningún grupo musical por que pienso que QUEEN es y será el mejor grupo de Rock de toda la historia. Cada uno de sus integrantes son verdaderos íconos del Rock y su majestuosidad interpretativa nadie la podrá superar.


Jorge Aguiar

Queen thank you for coming back.
My name is Jorge Aguiar de Assis, I live in Olinda / Pe, Brazil. And fa!
I sat through you at Rock in Rio 2015. I thrilled! I cried!
With the return of the Queen I Sinte me younger. The Queen is the musia my juventode, I grew up with you and now I have an optimal velhise listening to good music. Thank Roger, Brian and Adam Lambert.
One day I will to a Queen concert here in Brazil ...... I feel an invigorating energy that does not sentea so long, every time I watch the presentation of the band at the Rock in rio I get emotional ..... ..
Roger, Brian take care of Adam Lambert !!!
He sings a lot and you play very ........ Speechless !!
Adam Lambert esculte, learn and obey Roger and Brian !!!
I am very happy return to you, Queen.
Adam gave life músias the Queen again.
With the death of Freddie Mercury Queen listened with grief. Sorry for those words Roger and Brian!
I imagined when Queen again. And again !!
Now I feel alive with positive energies ..... Long live the Queen !!!!

_Ps. Sorry for the mistakes in writing. It is that I am using Google translator to write the Portuguese (Brazil) to English. I know almost nothing in English ..... hehehehehe .......

Faith in God, peace in the heart and positivity in life !!!!!


Helo my friends of Queen Online. I am Queenfan since 1977. Yesterday i have in Ibirapuera Arena in São Paulo Brazil and recorded the stage construction. https://youtu.be/Yt2potB37ao


HI. I from México, I like the band. What I need for I´m a member of the club Fans official?

Lance Damien Link

what are You looking for? I'll send Audition Live CD!
Ripped and Torns
Lance D. Link




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