40 Years Of Queen eBook: iTunes Links

It has come to our attention that the iTunes links within the new Queen iBook are currently unable to connect to stores outside of the UK. This is the first time such links have been used inside an iBook and Apple and other developers are working hard to try to rectify the situation. As soon as a solution is found, anyone who has bought the iBook will be offered a free upgrade including a fix to allow them to purchase tracks via the links in the iBook to iTunes stores outside the UK.

40 Years of Queen iBook on iTunes.

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40 Years Of Queen eBook: iTunes Links

Ian Londesbrough

Love Queen, would love to buy this book from Google Play to use on my Nexus 10. When will it be available?

Les Johnston

Hi there,
When will this be available to purchase in New Zealand? Would love to buy it but can't!!!!!!

Jean carlos ramos

i want it all! I want it all!
I love Queen!


Will this be available for other platforms in the near future? I received a Kindle Fire HD for Christmas and would love to be able to purchase this book.

Thank you,

Ernesto Valiente

Merry Cristhmas and Wonderful 2013 !!!

Kisses on your heart for everyone !!!

Emilio Melo

Please, when is it gonna be available at brazilian iTunes Store?

Vicky aka VickStiX

It's a shame that this isn't being made available for Android as well. :-( I have a Galaxy tab, and I would LOVE to own this eBook if i could.


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