6 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong T-shirts!

Queen recently made Official Chart history when their ‘Greatest Hits’ became the first album ever to hit 6 million sales in the UK. 

Are you one of the amazing 6 million Queen fans who made this possible? To celebrate the record breaking achievement we have produced an exclusive t-shirt and mug - only available from the Queen Online Store.

Pre-order now @ www.queenonlinestore.com/Queen/6-Million-Fans/

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6 Million Fans Can’t Be Wrong T-shirts!


Reminds me of the bad bootleg t-shirts you were warned to avoid outside concerts back in the 80's. Not something I'd wear to reflect one of the world's best loved albums. Also while the band has millions of fans around the planet - having the Union Jack feature as part of the promotional material narrows considerably the commercial appeal of these items to many.


Sadly not 6 million people bought the album.
I've had it on LP and CD at least 5 times over the years (including boxsets), so maybe it should read 4 million people who've bought multiple copies... ;-)


This T.Shirt and Mug doesn't really speak the right way.
Queen have more than 6 millions fans around the world.
If it is supposed to be 6 million sales of their Greatest Hits,
then it should of have the greatest hits album photo saying exactly that....who makes all these silly decisions?


Qualcosa di serio mai?

Heidi Vlotman

Ofcourse I'm one of the 6 million!!!


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