A Stereoscopic Queen Christmas!


This is Bri Wishing you a Stereoscopic Christmas !

Our new 3-D packages are ready to go...

Click here to order now! 

There are now TWO sets of 12 QUEEN stereos - from the Early Days …

These are all 3-D images that I've retrieved from our touring days, lovingly restored digitally, and now printed up, with the help of the London Stereoscopic Company team, as stereo cards which fit in the OWL viewer.  


In addition we have an astronomy set and very new - a first set of DIABLERIES - French Devilish entertainments from the 1860s ! 

All the sets of 12 are at present offered with 2 bonus cards, including this special QUEEN EN ENFER Diablerie card, specially made for this issue.  

The newest item to complete the range is the long-awaited OWL's Nest.  Since the early days of designing the OWL, I always hoped that there would be some way of neatly packaging an OWL and some sets of stereo cards.  


It took a long time to get it right, but the result is the new OWL's nest, made of archivally neutral fibre material, into which the OWL fits, along with eventually 6 boxes of cards, plus bonus cards.  The box has partitions to keep the cards and boxes in order, a slot for an external index card, and a London Stereoscopic Company crest embossed on the top.  When the lid is closed, your stereoscopic collection is safe !  It's finished in black with a red interior, and is the perfect home for your OWL stereo cards, as well as any original Victorian stereos you might collect. 



We are offering 

1) The NEST with a new Platinum OWL, or 

2) The above with the two sets of classic QUEEN 3-D cards, or 

3) An OWL's Nest Bumper Christmas Box, containing all of the 4 currently available 12-card sets - 2 Queen, 1 Astronomy, and 1 new Diableries set.  With each box set of cards comes two bonus cards, and with the Bumper Box we are adding a certificate of authenticity, signed by some rock star …! 

We all hope you'll enjoy these … the perfect Christmas Present for those who need a solid 3-D experience !  

P.S.  You can still buy any card set, with bonus cards, separately.   The new one is the Diableries 13-24 set … fresh from the Press !  

No amount of pictures on this page can match the wonder of these images viewed in the OWL stereoscope !   

Have a Devilishly Merry Christmas  !!! 

Bri, and all at the LSC ! 


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A Stereoscopic Queen Christmas!

Art Fay

Yeah, Graham. I definitely have to agree with you there on most points. Stereoscopics, meh. Space, LOVE IT, it's stunning - and free, ever watch a meteor shower? Now, as for Brian having become absolutely rabid about saving wildlife, well, how about you and I take a trip to his place, hold him captive for 24 hours. You strap his lovely rear to a chair, I'll slap the ribeye steaks on the grill and I believe that will be the last anyone ever hears of save me dot whatever again. He'll return home safely, happy, full and forget that such a dot org ever existed. At any rate, let the man at his hobbies, perhaps that's his only means of escape, if you take my meaning. Now I DO have to say that I don't mind shelling out a few extra bucks for hearing my favorite Queen stuff in surround sound, I was far too young when they were at the height of their popularity - so young that I really couldn't appreciate what I was hearing. That, and I wasn't lucky enough to see them perform live. So, I'm all for it - but yeah, I'd definitely love to get my hands on some bootleg releases as well. Hey, have a good one!


Is Brian the only one who is excited by these things? Don't get me wrong, I think Brian is lovely - he's probably the most accessible member of the band but at times now I feel like in order to be a Queen fan you have to love stereoscopics, outer space and saving wildlife....oh and have deep pockets to fork out for churned re-issued back catalogue. I just love the music and I don't like coming here to complain but I do in the hope that someone listens and gives the fans what we'd all like before we are all dead and gone. I'd rather a bootleg quality release of something I don't own than a pristine update of something I do.


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