A BIG Thank You from The MPT

Hi Everybody

Well we did it!  We put Freddie for a Day squarely on the global map. What an amazing achievement and what an incredible feat in just one year!  You are all stars, thank you big time from all of us at the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Freddieforaday.com - there's no stopping us now, roll on 5th September, 2012.

If you haven't sent us your photos, please do, its great to see what everybody got up to. The Savoy bash raised over £200,000 but you all created the buzz and what with the google doodle and all the on line donations we have no idea what the total will be.  As soon as we have done our sums, we'll post it up for you all to see.

Spread the word, maybe people who were too shy to wear the 'tache this year, let alone do the full Freddie, will join us next year.


Claudia Walker

Mercury Phoenix Trust

www.freddieforaday.com / www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com

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