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Hendrix - The Guitarist's Guitarist!

Planet Rock, the UK's classic rock station is celebrating Jimi Hendrix by airing an hour long special on this phenomenal guitarist. Planet Rock talks to a whole host of guitarists who tell the station why Jimi Hendrix is “The guitarist's guitarist”.

The likes of Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi, Journey's Neal Schon and Queen's Brian May (to name but a few) each give their point of view and experiences of Jimi Hendrix's music and tell us why he is such an extraordinary player. The show will also feature some of his all time classic songs as well as new ones from his brand new album “Valleys of Neptune”, released Monday 8th March.

It is 40 years since Jimi died and his legacy still continues.

This special will air only twice:

Saturday 6th March at 6pm and Thursday 11th March at 11pm. (UK Time)

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