Bo Rhap Rocks Green Day Gig!

It was not even a Queen gig, but Bohemian Rhapsody managed to steal the show...!

Green Day fans sing the Queen classic as they wait for their heroes to hit the stage...there is even a mosh pit.

Green Day fans...we salute you!

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Bo Rhap Rocks Green Day Gig!

Mark (mit k!)

But where is the Moshpit???

Little Susie

@Stop Press! Yeah, somewhere. And there's really nothing special that 60 000 people were singing along. Yeah, that happens all the time, almost every day. -_-

Btw it was really great to hear all those people singing togheter, I felt so united with everyone there. It feel great to know that after all this years people are still listening to this beautiful music :)


I've heard The Kissing Me Song went down a treat too, with the crowd demanding Kerry Ellis perform instead of Green Day.

In other news, my local radio station played Somebody To Love yesterday - can you add this to the news page please?


I love hearing huge crowds of people sing the same thing together all at once. Then make the song they're sing Bohemian Rhapsody. That is a good show. Queen will never be forgotten!

Scott Larson

Only Freddie and the Boys know how to connnntrol crowds eve when they are not there. First the Olympics and now this. All artists should take note. This is the stuff champions are made of.


Guys.... this wasn't a cover... The song just happened to play and so many people started singing that the song was turned up loud enough for everyone to sing along and hear.


It was a pleasure :)



oooohhhh, another lousy queen coverband? Hurry, call mr. T, tell him it's time for his QUEX 2.0... my goldfish is ready to audition. He's got a realy big tayl(or) and an airhead too


Sure! Absolutely! That's really cool and good news!

Stop Press!

A Queen song was played somewhere. And this is headline material now?


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