UPDATED: Brian and Kerry To Play Sanremo Festival Tonight!

***Update:*** Brian, Kerry and Irene set for Sanremo performance tonight!

Links to Italian News items:

Riviera 24: Brian May (Queen): "Zucchero mi ha proposto di tornare a Sanremo dopo più di 20 anni" (images included) - click here. (English Translation)

RockOl:  "Sanremo 2012: Brian May, Kerry Ellis e Irene Fornaciari in sala stampa" - click here. (English Translation)

SanremoNews.it: Festival Sanremo: la leggenda del rock Brian May (Queen) si racconta "Ecco perché sono tornato a Sanremo" - click here. (English Translation)


Original Press Release

It has been officially announced that Brian and Kerry Ellis will be at the Sanremo Festival in Italy on 16th February where they will be performing a song as part of duet with Irene Fornaciari, Zucchero's daughter.

For more information go to www.brianmay.com or the official site at www.sanremo.rai.it

Brian's appearance at the festival is announced from 5mins15secs in the clip below.


New Italian TV trailer below, plus BM has commented on the collaboration over on BM.com.

Translation and outline of the Italian TV report below:

"They're saying one of the most long awaited guest and international rockstar this year is Brian- They said this is an unusual trio who will perfoming in Sanremo : Irene, kerry and Brian. They pointed out that this year Morandi (the TV presenter)and Mazzi (the artistic director) eagerly wanted Brian to be there also because his last appearance in Sanremo was back in 1984 with Queen when they couldn't play live and Freddie was forced to lyp-synch"

"Then they asked Zucchero what he thinks about it and he said he's very happy for his daughter although she has always told him she'll never do his same job .. but then, as years went by, he realized she was very talented and so now he has no objection to it, he's "giving his blessing" to this"

"They also said that Brian is very thrilled about this as he feels he's a guitarist playing with and for 2 most amazing voices and this would be a great challenge and good fun."

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