Brian May and Kerry Ellis Italian Website

On Thursday 1st March, at 11 pm CET,, the one and only website entirely dedicated to Brian May and Kerry Ellis will be launched.

This date wasn't chosen by pure chance. 

Exactly two weeks ago, at 11 pm, Brian and Kerry went on stage at the Sanremo Festival where they performed with Irene Fornaciari and in those 10 minutes they literally stole the show and got an overwhelming standing ovation.

Now, after the successful performance of Brian and Kerry in Sanremo, more interest has grown in this amazing duo. The time has come to create a professional website to help promote Brian and Kerry abroad and, hopefully, to take them on a European tour in the near future.

This website is powered by a team of Italian fans who, over the last 12 months, have supported Brian and Kerry with the Anthems tour and with various projects by creating a Facebook page and by being a constant presence on the main social networks.

This is all taking shape in Italy  but the message which is spreading around across Europe is, quoting a song from the Anthems album, "You have to be there" is officially endorsed by Universal Music Group Italy and it has been approved by, by and of course by Brian and Kerry themselves.

Please feel free to join us and sign up to our newsletter.

Thanks. support group

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