Brian May and Kerry Ellis - The Kissing Me Song Video!

"Thank you so much for all your 'kisses'! Wow, you really didn't let us down at all. We have enjoyed all of your videos and would love you to continue uploading your kisses at"

Love and Kisses

Bri and Kerry


The Kissing Me Song is the new single from Brian May and Kerry Ellis. The single will be released in June to coincide with their 'Acoustic and by Candlelight' European Tour. 

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Brian May and Kerry Ellis - The Kissing Me Song Video!

nicolas boivin

I love you for 20 years ago,Brian,your my idol with Fred,Roger and John.Continu to play music,i'll always love you...i hope see you back in France one day,with Queen +,with Kerry or alone,no problem,i may should be there for you,thank you for all you gave to me...kiss from Normandy,France...

Helen Lorenz

I love the fact that Brian is making music. I don't care who he is doing it with. Keep going Brian. I would love it of course if Roger and Brian would lock themselves in a studio for awhile and jam for a bit. I bet they could come up with some new sounds. I'd love to hear a CD of Brian's guitar playing, with very little singing. Nothing wrong with Roger's or Brian's voices.. they just need to believe in what they have again. They started Queen.. it's still there.

Connie Grosser Taubert

I don't like Kerry Ellis at all ~ In my opinion she is a VERY negative influence on Queen. Just the sound of her voice is an irritation to me! What is Brian thinking? Please put the focus on Roger!!!

Brian Blessed

Sounds like The Beautiful South - being torn apart by a pack of rabid badgers.

Ricardo Bernal

A shame we can't hear this from queen.
With Freddie on vocals and Roger on drums.
Anyway beautiful song, Brian amazing like always....
And thanks for you special touch Kerry.
Queen Will live with us forever.


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