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Brian May and Kerry Ellis Tour Dates - February 2014

A full press release and additional dates are to be forthcoming, however in the meantime we can confirm the following shows for Brian and Kerry's 'Candlelight Concerts' for next February.

19 February - Buxton Festival

21 February - Scarborough Spa

22 February - Grantham Meres

23 February - Bath Theatre Royal

25 February - Eastbourne Congress

Brian and Kerry's new single 'Nothing Really Has Changed' is available now on iTunes

The 'Acoustic By Candlelight' live album is available /

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Brian May and Kerry Ellis Tour Dates - February 2014

Francis Revell.

Dear Brian and Kerry,

Please schedule a date for Glasgow.
As a lifelong Queen fan and someone who appreciates all fine music, song and musicianship and who was fortunate enough to see you both during The Anthems Tour, please come back to Glasgow.

Thought your piece on the Jeremy Vine show about what makes us human was very intelligent and thought provoking. you are 100 0/0 correct, government has a lot to answer for.

Anyway, hopefully my wife and I will have the pleasure of your guitar skills to appreciate and Kerry's beautifully voice to listen to in Glasgow in February.

Kind regards,

Frank Revell.

Queen Fan Club Mexico (founded in 1992)

Great news!
Our best wishes to Kerry Ellis and Brian May on their Candlelight Concerts 2014. Looking forward to seeing them live in Mexico too!
Big hugs from all of us,


Come to the U.S. of A.!

stuart james

The rothes hall in Glenrothes is also a good venue too.

Joe Embleton

The Oran Mor in Glasgow is a perfect venue for this tour. HINT!!!

Alexis Kristyan Fletcher

Please put on some Welsh dates I always feel that Wales is left out!!!!


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