Brian May: Astrofest Book Signing This Weekend

Brian May and Chris Lintott will be signing copies of their renowned astronomy books Bang! and Cosmic Tourist at European AstroFest this Saturday. And for those of a diabolical disposition Brian will also be signing his newest stereo bestseller, Diableries, Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell. These and a range of astronomy and stereo books and cards will be available from the Canopus/London Stereoscopic Company stand 30 on the lower ground floor.

Brian will also join John Mason in signing copies of Patrick Moore's Yearbook of Astronomy 2014: Special Memorial Edition. Brian wrote a moving tribute to Patrick to introduce this special edition of the legendary yearbook. Copies of the book will be available from the Astronomy Now stand.

Exhibition tickets for AstroFest will be available on the door priced at £8. Pick up a copy of the February issue of Astronomy Now to get £2 off adult admission to the exhibition. Conference tickets for Saturday are now sold out and a few tickets remain for Friday's conference. Exhibition tickets are available for both days.

The book signing is set to start @ 1pm.

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Brian May: Astrofest Book Signing This Weekend

Julie Robson

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Tony Newman

Winding down on this toughest of Top 10's...

1 Insanity laughs under pressure we're cracking
Can't we give ourselves one more chance?

2 One foolish world, so many souls - Senselessly hurled through the never ending cold

3 You know that everyday a helpless child is born
Who needs some loving care inside a happy home
Somewhere a wealthy man is sitting on his throne
Waiting for life to go by.

4 Success is my breathing space - I brought it on myself - I will price it - I will cash it - I can take it or leave it

5 How it hurts - deep inside - When your love has cut you down to size - Life is tough - on your own
Now I'm waiting for something to fall from the skies


Welcome to Brian's Afrofest Ok here goes; Hot Space & The Works 1 Music will be my mistress, loving like a whore 2 And all for fear and all for greed, speak any tongue but for God's sake we need Las Palabras de Amor 3 Why can't we give love that one more chance? 4 I've fallen in LOVE for the first time and this time I know it's for real 5 Lift your face the Western way, build your muscles as your body decays


Welcome to our picknic by the Serpentine Borachio. Nice choice in lyrics! Very interesting. Well boys we are now up to Hot Space & The Works! We will be first?


Now, now Tony. Lets not point out hasty spelling mishaps.
Remember that thing about glass houses :D 1 Hey little babe you're changing, babe are you feeling sore? It ain't no use in pretending, you don't want to play no more. 2 Each night I cry,I still believe the lie,I love you till I die 3 My love is pumping through my veins driving me insane 4 I'll pull & I'll pill you, I'll Cruelladeville you and to thrill you I'll use any device 5 When I hear THAAAT Rock & Roll ,It gets down to my soul, when its real Rock&Roll;, oh Rock&Roll;!


No I'll never look back in anger
No I'll never find me an answer

I get some headaches when I hit the heights
Like in the mornings after crazy nights
Like some mother-in-law in her nylon tights

The same old babies with the same old toys
The neighbors' screaming when the noise annoys
Somebody naggin' you when you're out with the boys

This thing called love
it shakes all over like a jellyfish
I kinda like it

Christ, I don't believe in Peter Pan, Frankenstein or Superman

Tony Newman

Welcome Back Teach (Kotter?)... Not sure if we should go on after this round... May be time to find a new contest. Why aren't other Queen fans joining in the games? It's terror-free... except that time with Alser...

Top 5 lyrics from Jazz and The Game

But now it matters not - If I should live or die
‘Cause I’m only left with my own jealousy

If You Can’t Beat Them
Rumour has it that you could play dirty
I’ll tell you what I’ll do about that and that oh yeah
I’m playing them at their own game

Play the Game
Open up your mind and let me step inside
Rest your weary head and let your heart decide

Sail Away Sweet Sister
Sail across the sea
Maybe you find somebody
To love you half as much as me
My heart is always with you

Bicycle Race
Fat bottomed girls - They’ll be riding today
So look out for those beauties oh yeah



As Ricky Bobby's daddy proclaimed, "If you ain't first, you're last."

Top Five Lyrics from Jazz and The Game:

Dreamers Ball
But now you've found another partner
And left me like a broken toy

Leavin’ Home Ain’t Easy
Leavin' home ain't necessarily the only way
But may be the only way

Don’t Stop Me Now
I'm a shooting star leaping through the skies
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I'm a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva

Don’t Try Suicide
Baby when you do it all you do is get on my tits

Save Me
I clothed myself in your glory and your love

Bonus lyric

Left alone with big fat Fanny,
She was such a naughty nanny!

To be so lucky, eh boys?!


Wayne and Tony, I feel like a new man. Newman. You made me live again.

Who shall post his top five lyrics from the Jazz album and The Game album?


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