Brian May - The Eddy Christani Award 2011

Brian May will be given Eddy Christiani Award 2011

On 23 April 2011, Brian May, one of the greatest rock stars of the last 40 years, will come to the Arsenaaltheater in Vlissingen in the Dutch province of Zeeland in order to personally receive the Eddy Christiani Award.

The guitar sound of Brian May, guitarist and songwriter of the legendary band Queen, is completely unique. Clean, light, distorted or oversteered; his virtuoso performance is always unmatched, warm and of an enormous harmonious richness.

The jury report of chairman of the jury and music journalist Jean-Paul Heck says: “Brian May is one of the most influential guitarists of the last 40 years. May has influenced thousands of guitar players all over the world and many current superstars started out playing guitar because of him. May’s guitar play has an amazing recognisability. Within five seconds, youcan hear that it is him. The tone, the timing, it is all equally unique. Aside from that, he is also an unbelievably talented song writer. Together with Jimmy Page and Eddie van Halen, May belongs to the most influential guitarists of his generation.’

Brian May and Queen have held the limelight for 40 years and continue to do so. Their 40th anniversary in 2011 is cause for an enormous celebration. This spring their first five albums will be re-released with a new look. The other albums will follow later in 2011. Besides that there will be an exhibition in London called 'Stormtroopers in Stillettos' as well as a Hollywood film about the life of Freddie Mercury and the musical ‘We Will Rock You’ continues to enthral people around the world.

The Eddy Christiani Award is an initiative of poppuntzeeland and is awarded to a guitarist who has earned his merit in the international pop circuit and who has, just like Eddy Christiani, given an invaluable contribution to the development of the electric guitar. Leendert Haaksma (2006), Dany Lademacher (2007), Adrian Vandenberg (2008) Jan Akkerman (2009) and Steve Lukather (2010) have all received the award.

Several famous artists are involved with this event. Dutch pop star Roel Van Velzen & band will play a main role during the evening.


Ticket sales starting from Tuesday 8 March at the cash register of Stadschouwburg, Molenwater 99 in Middelburg and Theater de Mythe in Goes (Monday till Friday 11.00am – 4pm).

More ticket info: (in Dutch)

More info on the Eddy Christiani Award: (in Dutch)

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Brian May - The Eddy Christani Award 2011


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