Brian May - My Planet Rocks Interview

Brian's interview with Liz Barnes on My Planet Rocks that was recorded on Monday 9th December 2013 and broadcast by Planet Rock radio on Sunday 19th January.

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Brian May - My Planet Rocks Interview

Tony Newman

Ok guys, do we even need to say Brighton Rock here? That’s a given as Brian’s git-box showcase... Here we go, I will kick it off this time...

Top 10 Queen Guitar Solos

1. Great King Rat (So good the band actually stop playing to applaud)
2. The Millionaire Waltz (I guess I really love everything about this track)
3. Good Company (Holy shite at the magically layered brass)
4. Innuendo (with Howe)
5. It’s Late (Raw, nasty rock n roll solo)
6. Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon (Fancy solo LOVE IT!)
7. Stone Cold Crazy (I believe Queen started “thrash” here)
8. Procession/Father to Son (Brilliant)
9. Death On Two Legs (Wicked pay back)
10. Some Day One Day (Soooo Englishy and Proper)

This was very tough! Having to leave off some of my favorite solo’s here. So I have a bonus “Honourable Mention” (used the Queen’s English there)... White Queen, Bicycle Race, Sail Away Sweet Sister, Killer Queen and White Man...


Ok ,what about the 10 greatest Brian solos? Harder than it seems , lads!


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