Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview

Brian recently gave a great interview to Rolling Stone magazine, below are a number of highlights from the feature covering the recording of "new" songs.

What can you tell us about the "new" studio album from Queen?

Well, there's something coming. I'm not really quite sure what it is yet. I don't know if there's a whole album. There's a piece of an album...We thought we got to the end of it with Made in Heaven. But there are a few other things which have turned up. So the album may turn out to be a mixture of some unusual things from the past and some very unusual things which no one has heard at all.

With newly recorded backing tracks?

Yeah. Roger and I have both been working on tracks in our spare time. A couple of them have Michael Jackson on as well, which adds another layer of interest. Freddie and Michael singing together and experimenting in the Eighties.

What do the songs with Michael sound like?

At least one dancey, at least one ballady one. There's sort of three main contenders at the moment, possibly four.
Is Queen bassist John Deacon involved with this project at all?
No, John doesn't want to be. He's in his own space and we respect that. It's a shame, because we would love to have him around but he doesn't want to be in that arena anymore.

Click here to read the full interview including lots more on the Freddie Biopic.

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Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview


Tony and Wayne,

I do not know of which you speak/type. Where do I find you guys on this Rock in Rio/Live in Rio YouTube post? I want to join in and agitate with you.


Wow great choices. So true It's Late really is my favourite Queen song as well. I just love that last verse into the last chorus. So CHILLING!! Ok let's meet on the Live in Rio blurbs!!!! ; )


Always late to this party, boys.

Here goes:

1. It's Late (Fave Queen song)
2. Good Company
3. Tie Your Mother Down
4. All Dead All Dead
5. Dead On Time

Did you rowdy fellas raise Hell on the Rio blurb?


Who's gonna start the Freddie list?
Prediction: On Tony's list, we will see Millionaire Waltz AND Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy. You know it's true, T! And I can't say I blame you one bit.

Tony Newman

Let's EFF with them Big Time...

Get your Brian May on Jon... What's up?


Good thinking. Let's jump on the Rock in Rio YouTube news blurb. There seems to be some pretty angry fellow Queen fans there. Let's go......
; )

Tony Newman

Very hard to pick the hits because for me, Queen were so much more than the hits. They were DEFINITELY an album band! The like we may never see again... Maybe after Jon's Top 5 May tracks we should jump over to a newer "News" subject? We may get others to join in? The Brian May Rolling Stone interview "where it all started" is getting pretty buried... I will start compiling my MERCURY TOP 10 and let you guys know where to find it... But first, Jon's Top 5 BM picks please...


Nice list Tony. Funny how we both skipped right past We Will Rock You , Fat Bottomed Girls & Keep Yourself Alive. I do love Son & Daughter. Lets see what Jon picks before we hit Mr.Mercury. Shall we do favourite 10?

Tony Newman

Nice list Wayne! This is an impossible task and could change regularly but here's my list TODAY!

Brian May

1 White Queen (As It Began)
2 She Makes Me (Stormtrooper in Stilettoes)
3 It's Late
4 Leaving Home Ain't Easy
5 Good Company/Sail Away Sweet Sister



Ooo this is TOUGH, but here goes. Not gonna think. Just shoot them out.
1 Stormtrooper in Stilettoes
2 It's Late
3 Sail Away Sweet Sister
4 Save Me
5 '39
Damn It - All Dead All Dead
Brighton Rock
Long Away
This is IMPOSSIBLE !!!!!!!

Tony Newman

Too afraid to go first with May... Looks like you're leading off Wayne. Good luck! BTW, if you lead off for May, Jon or I will have to take Fred, just sayin'...


Nice to see you boys agree on some Deacy tunes. Wayne, I left Drowse off my list, but I acknowledge how great that song is. I, like Tony, plead the "phase" excuse.

1. Spread Your Wings (I think there are some deep autobiographical roots from Deacy here.)
2. Who Needs You (Two straight from News of the World)
3. You and I
4. You're My Best Friend
5. If You Can't Beat Them

Anyone else love getting glimpses of Deacon playing bass in the 70's concerts and running those fingers up and down the strings?! BTW, ever hear his speaking voice? He sounded like a chimney sweep from Mary Poppins! five May tunes. Think long and hard, boys. With only 5 choices, you're bound to leave off someone else's fave.

Tony Newman

Ok Wayne, I'll have to give you credit on Drowse... I'm not sure why it didn't make my top 5 RT tracks because I've always loved that track. It IS from my fave album of ALL TIME... I go through phases... In a year from now Drowse could be in my top 3...

Now for Deacy

1. In Only Seven Days
2. You're My Best Friend
3. You and I/Spread Your Wings
4. Misfire
5. If You Can't Beat Them

Deacy loves strip clubs!


Nice list. But how can Drowse not make your list. It's so poetic, haunting and soaring!!
Ok Deacy list. Real tough one!
1 You & I
2 You're My Best Friend
3 Need Your Loving Tonight
4 Who Needs You
5 Spread Your Wings
5 I Want to Break Free
Wow it's as if Deacy is telling us about his relationship arc


Sorry I'm so late, boys, but here's my Top Five Roger list":

1. I'm in Love with My Car
2. Fight From the Inside
3. Good Times Are Now
4. Loser in the End
5. Tenement Funster
5. Everybody Hurts Sometime
(I cheated by listing two #5's! My list, my rules!)

Wayne, nice sarcasm on your Miracle list. :-)

May I suggest your top five Deacy songs?
This is fun (in cyberspace).


Roger Meadows Taylor
1 Drowse (Best Track of All Time)
2 Fight From the Inside (What a Riff)
3 Strange Frontier
4 I'm In Love With My Car
5 Say It's Not True

And Bruce's Racing In The Streets!!!!!

Tony Newman

Ok wait... I just heard the last track on the new RT cd... It's called Smile and it's my fave track on the new cd and could possibly break the top 5... I must sleep on it.

Tony Newman

Ok cool... A Roger Taylor Top 5 list is a good challenge... No Jon, just do Roger Taylor and not the entire band this time... Nice and easy on this one ok?

Roger Taylor
1. Killing Time
2. Tenement Funster
3. Future Management
4. Fight From the Inside
5. I Wanna Testify/Airheads

I have not had the chance to hear Fun on Earth yet so this COULD change...


I can only mirror your list!! - And as far as bragging, Wow, I am so jealous. That is so awesome you got to see Queen!! I've been gloating about the Freddie Tribute for 20 years now. Excellent show. But I tip my hat to you sir!!!! Ok, new list. Top 5 Roger songs??

Tony Newman

Yes, then they quickly got back into the studio... I think Innuendo had some really good tracks. Not quite as good as the 70's but possibly the best post 70's Queen album. In my book anyway...

1. Innuendo
2. I'm Going Slightly Mad
3. The Show Must Go On

It did have its share of "fillers" as well... The 70's "fillers" were AWESOME... Fight From the Inside, White Man, Jesus, Ogre Battle (what a track BTW) I think it was left off all of our lists... Anyhoo, I'm thinking of a new list boys. Going to dig into some more musical knowledge here... I wish Brian could join in these conversations... Perhaps we should post to his site??? He MAY chime in???


Ugh, another iffy album
The Miracle
1 Was It All Worth It
2 Breakthru (Boys of Summer)
3 Ghost Busters (Invisible Man)

When I worked down town I met 2 people who knew Freddie. He owned an apartment on the east side on 59th street (ish) They said they hadn't seen Freddie in a LONG time and that he may be under the weather. It all made sense. Then with his puffy cheeks, it seemed to be apparent he was trying to look extra healthy.


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