Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview

Brian recently gave a great interview to Rolling Stone magazine, below are a number of highlights from the feature covering the recording of "new" songs.

What can you tell us about the "new" studio album from Queen?

Well, there's something coming. I'm not really quite sure what it is yet. I don't know if there's a whole album. There's a piece of an album...We thought we got to the end of it with Made in Heaven. But there are a few other things which have turned up. So the album may turn out to be a mixture of some unusual things from the past and some very unusual things which no one has heard at all.

With newly recorded backing tracks?

Yeah. Roger and I have both been working on tracks in our spare time. A couple of them have Michael Jackson on as well, which adds another layer of interest. Freddie and Michael singing together and experimenting in the Eighties.

What do the songs with Michael sound like?

At least one dancey, at least one ballady one. There's sort of three main contenders at the moment, possibly four.
Is Queen bassist John Deacon involved with this project at all?
No, John doesn't want to be. He's in his own space and we respect that. It's a shame, because we would love to have him around but he doesn't want to be in that arena anymore.

Click here to read the full interview including lots more on the Freddie Biopic.

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Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview


Tony and Wayne, you are spot on with your comments about the 80's Queen. Didn't it feel that Freddie was pushing the band to be more funk and synth-y? Despite my bemoaning the loss of the RTB-type production, I do feel that each album had some songs that always reminded me of the lads I loved in the 70's. I think that when the band quit giving singular credit to the song writers and started giving Freddie all of the lead vocals they changed, and NOT for the best. The magic of the early albums included hearing Roger's raspy vocals on songs like "Loser in the End" or listening to Brian's melodious tones on "Sail Away Sweet Sister." Ah, well boys, at least we can relive the fond memories of the band we knew was one of the best ever. And, Tony and I did get to see Freddie front the band at a 1982 concert in Atlanta for the Hot Space ( ugh!) tour. I still remember the "floating" spot lights and Freddie humping the stage and shouting something like: "Thanks for a good f***, Atlanta!" BTW, no cigarette after those shots, Tony. Just a cleansing regurgitation and I'm on the next round! Cheers!

Tony Newman

Very cool... What were some of the comments you heard about Fred?

The Miracle
1. The Miracle
2. Breakthru
3. Was It All Worth It

Something definitely wasn't right around this time... With no tour and the recent time "away" from each other, I was hoping The Miracle was going to bring them back to the States...


Happy New Year Tony & Jon
A Kind of Magic
1 Who Wants to Live Forever
2 Gimme the Prize
3 One Vision
This was the first time I balked at a Queen album. It was mediocre. It felt like filler. What kind of add lib is "Bring on the girls" ? It was embarradsing! It felt pleading! This is when I began to suspect the Queen of Queen may be ill. No U.S. tour for The Works or Magic. I also got my first job. Manhattan's West Village, I actually began meeting people who knew/met Freddie...

Tony Newman

I'm impressed Wayne... I agree wholeheartedly. I'm guessing Freddie persuaded them to change with the times and after the success of Another One Bites the Dust, then the failure of Hot Space, Brian took control of the "feel" of The Works. Here are my top 3, as Jon sits in the corner with a cigarette after just vomiting his full load...

The Works
1. It's a Hard Life
2. Machines (Back to Humans)
3. Hammer to Fall/Keep Passing the Open Windows (tie)

A Kind of Magic
1. Gimme the Prize
2. Princes of the Universe
3. Who Wants to Live Forever

The end of the road is nearing...


Alright, we're in the dreaded 80's of Queen. Synths have infiltrated their music :( The music did change, maybe they should have stayed with Roy Thomas Baker? Alas. Ok my 3 fellow Queen fans here goes...

The Works
1 Hammer to Fall
2 Radio GaGa
3 I Want to Break Free

Great songs, but it never felt like a complete album. The deeper tracks felt like filler. Just shit out. Good ideas though. I always liked Machine World but it should have had a grittier more industrial treatment.

Tony Newman

Wow Jon, welcome to THE LIST... You just shot your load all over us didn't you??? Well, since you're spent, I'll go next...

Flash Gordon
1. Flash's Theme
2. The Hero
3. The Wedding March

Hot Space
1. Life Is Real
2. Las Palabres De Amor
3. Under Pressure

Wayne, you must excuse my friend... He shows up late to the party, shoots about 10 shots, then vomits all over the place... Who's left to clean it all up? That's right, Derek! Where are you Derek?


Impressive, most impressive. Quite a great selection of tracks! I sympathize, anywhere in the U.S. from 84 on it was to tough to be a Queen disciple! I remember getting the import CD's. They were twice the price of all other CD's. I guess the extortion started back then.

1 Las Palabres de Amor
2 Under Pressure
3 Staying Power LIVE VERSION


OK, Wayne and Tony, here is my contribution to your Queen/Bro admiration fest:

Queen I
Doing All Right
Keep Yourself Alive
My Fairy King

Queen II
Procession/Father to Son
Some Day One Day
Loser in the End

Sheer Heart Attack
Killer Queen
Brighton Rock
In the Lap of the Gods Revisited

A Night at the Opera (Besides Bo Rap)
Death on Two Legs
I'm in Love With My Car
Good Company

A Day at the Races
Somebody to Love
Good Old Fashioned Loverboy
Teo Torriate

News of the World
It's Late (All time fav Queen track!)
Spread Your Wings
All Dead All Dead

Leaving Home Ain't Easy
If You Can't Bea Them
Dreamer's Ball

Live Killers
Let Me Entertain You
Don't Stop Me Now
Spread Your Wings

The Game
Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Dragon Attack
Sail Away Sweet Sister

Hot Space
Life Is Real
Under Pressure
Put Out the Fire

The Works
It's a Hard Life
Keep Passing the Open Windows
Hammer to Fall

A Kind of Magic
Who Wants to Live Forever
Princes of the Universe
A Kind of Magic

The Miracle
Was It All Worth It
I Want It All

I'm Going Slightly Mad
These Are the Days of Our Lives

Made In Heaven
It's a Beautiful Day
My Life Has Been Saved
Too Much Love Will Kill You

Caveat: I am Tony's lifelong friend from Jacksonville. We grew up sharing our love of music, Queen especially. We even had a go in a Queen tribute airband. We were odd men out in the land of Lynyrd Skynyrd.


Flash Gordon (Arguably the FIRST New Age album) Yanni , go eat a pile of shit!
1 The Hero
2 Flash Gordon
3 In The Space Capsule - step aside Pink Floyd

The Game
1 Sail Away Sweet Sister
2 Need Your Loving Tomight
3 Save Me


I must agree!! EXCEPT , News of the World is truly beautiful as Queen ll. I mean, I know it's not as ambitious or pompous BUT the song writing is really at its zenith!! I could not pick 3 songs without thinking, shit they are all so damn good. Fight From the Inside, It's Late, Who Needs You . WHEW!!! P.S. Abbey Road Kicks Ass as well!!!

Tony Newman

Live Killers is not something I've listened to in 20 years but when it first came out, I guess I would list it this way:
1 We Will Rock You (fast)
2 Death On Two Legs
3 Don't Stop Me Now

The Game
1 Sail Away Sweet Sister
2 Play the Game
3 Save Me

From here on out it's going to be a crap shoot. The 70's Queen albums could be on my constant playlist forever and my faves from the 70's could vary with those first 7 studio albums... Like White Queen (As It Began) breaking the top 3 as well as Good Company or Lazing On a Sunday Afternoon... I believe Queen hit their peak from 74-77 (Sheer Heart Attack to A Day at the Races)... I would put those 3 albums up against any 3 consecutive albums from an artist in the history of music... A close second would be Revolver, Sgt Pepper and the White album... In my opinion anyway...
Your turn...


1 Fat Bottomed Girls
2 Dreamer's Ball
3 Mustapha

Live Killers
1 Let Me Entertain You
2 Don't Stop Me Now
3 Spread Your Wings

Ha, you go my friend ...

Tony Newman

Nice... I had "You Take My Breath Away" played at my wedding...

A Day at the Races
1 The Millionaire Waltz
2 Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy
3 Somebody to Love

2 Leaving Home Ain't Easy
3 Bicycle Race/In Only Seven Days


A Day At the Races (This is imposdible)
1 Long Away
2 You Take My Breath Away
3 You and I /Drowse (tie)
... Of course : Somebody to Love

News of the World 1 It's Late - I actually got Brian to autograph this 45!!!!
2 All Dead All Dead
3 Who Needs You

What an impossible task!
Alright Tony - you go

Tony Newman

A Night at the Opera...
1. BoRap
2. Seaside Rendezvous
3. Death On Two Legs

News of the World
1. It's Late
2. My Melancholy Blues
3. We Are the Champions/All Dead All Dead (Tie)

Anyone can chime in and give their top 3 so Wayne and I can critique your choices...

nadine ramos


j 'adore peindre michael jackson elle tue cette toile


Continuing Top Three Tracks

Sheer Heart Attack
1- Brighton Rock
2- Lily of the Valley
3- She Makes Me

A Night at the Opera
1-Bohemian Rhapsody
2-Seaside Rendezvous
3- Sweet Lady

Tony Newman

LOVE The Night Comes Down... How about the Sheer Heart Attack album? Tenement Funster, Flick of the Wrist, Lily of the Valley??? She Makes Me (one of Brian's best I think)... Looks like we have similar tastes in music... Wayne, you should log onto my internet radio station (after the Holidays since we're featuring Christmas songs right now)... We feature LOTS of Queen and plenty of similar acts... then hit the play button... Let me know what you think! Have a great Christmas!!!


Hey Tony, great choice. A tough one on an album filled with gems! How about this?
QUEEN :The Night Comes Down
:Great King Rat
:My Fairy King
QUEEN ll: March of the Black Queen
:Seven Seas of Rhye

Tony Newman

Yeah, what's your deal Derek? Quit fantasizing on this site, this is not a porn site. Wayne and I love Queen and have only kissed on the lips (no tongue). You're really sick Derek...

Quick question Derek. Favorite Queen song? Album?


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