Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview

Brian recently gave a great interview to Rolling Stone magazine, below are a number of highlights from the feature covering the recording of "new" songs.

What can you tell us about the "new" studio album from Queen?

Well, there's something coming. I'm not really quite sure what it is yet. I don't know if there's a whole album. There's a piece of an album...We thought we got to the end of it with Made in Heaven. But there are a few other things which have turned up. So the album may turn out to be a mixture of some unusual things from the past and some very unusual things which no one has heard at all.

With newly recorded backing tracks?

Yeah. Roger and I have both been working on tracks in our spare time. A couple of them have Michael Jackson on as well, which adds another layer of interest. Freddie and Michael singing together and experimenting in the Eighties.

What do the songs with Michael sound like?

At least one dancey, at least one ballady one. There's sort of three main contenders at the moment, possibly four.
Is Queen bassist John Deacon involved with this project at all?
No, John doesn't want to be. He's in his own space and we respect that. It's a shame, because we would love to have him around but he doesn't want to be in that arena anymore.

Click here to read the full interview including lots more on the Freddie Biopic.

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Brian May: Rolling Stone Interview


Hey Derek Macfarlane,I'm sorry to disappoint you but I'm straight and in a great relationship. I can see how some lonely people can completely misconstrue 2 people discussing Queen as a chance to date. Sorry to let you down :( I'm sure there are very specific websites for dating. Good luck!! : )

Tony Newman

Hey, hey, take it easy Derek... No dating here, just great Queen stories! C'mon man!!!! Wayne and I were having a discussion about what era of Queen we liked. He figured no one else wanted to share our interest in 70's queen. I thought he liked the more "out of the closet" Queen and I liked the more "creative" vaudville Queen. We won't be going any further than that... Can you believe this guy Wayne? Sounds to me he wants in lol... I appreciate all those Queen fans who are tired of the 80's DVD concerts coming out year after freakin' year!!! Hey Wayne, let's liven this group of Queen fans up a bit. What's your favorite Queen track? I will go with, none other than, The Millionaire Waltz! Favorite Queen album? A Day at the Races! Who's next???


hmmm a little something to look forward to...

Been listening to a lot o Queen lately... I wish John would be involved too, but understand it...hope it's only Brian & Roger then, with whatever recorded little things they've found

Miss Freddie. Ah, sigh.

Merry Christmas to all!


When did this become a dating site? ...


Hey Tony, thanks for being the only other person keeping this website from being dull. I have quite a few cool Queen stories we could swap.My email is God save the Queen

Tony Newman

Awesome! I got tired of Another One Bites the Dust really fast as well. My high school adopted it as OUR song in 81. I was happy Queen were representing down in redneck Jacksonville, Florida so I struggled through it. I first heard Killer Queen on the radio in 74, I was 11. Then my older sister brought home the single to BoRap the following year and played the shit out of it. The next year, I was at a friends house and his parents had A Day at the Races playing on the turntable and I heard Good Old-Fashioned Loverboy and I was like "who the hell is this?!!! I LOVE IT!!!" Lo and behold, it was Queen. At 13 I was HOOKED big time. No internet or much news on the band, I went and bought every magazine that had any tidbit on my "official" fave band. The following year, I was getting ready for school and heard the DJ say they had the latest single from Queen that was going to be played at lunch time so I told my mom I was sick just so I could record the new song from Queen on 8-Track lol... when the lunch hour came and they introduced the new Queen song, I pushed record and waited.. then, STOMP STOMP CLAP! STOMP STOMP CLAP!!! the rest is history! Thanks for sharing Wayne! That's why Queen matter to me most in the 70's...


Fred and Michael recorded 4 things? If so I hope we get to hear the one thing we Queen fans are not currently aware of

1. Victory
2. There Must Be More To Life Than This
3. State of Shock


...and you Tony, when did u discover Queen?


I remember watching Live Aid in my living room and going back to school 2 months later. It was like some kind of Super Victory! Queen had slain every other performer and band that day. It was such a feeling of vindication. Freddie was without a doubt, the greatest rock singer ever. Sorry Robert Plant! I got to meet Brian twice!! I never got to see Queen proper but I was at the Freddie Tribute in 92(my first time London) saw them in Jersey in 05 and NY in 06. And finally at the last night at the Hammerstein with Lambert in '12! They opened with Flash and they really ROCKED!! Favorite album's Queen 2- News of the World


I officially became obsessed with Queen as I nursed a broken leg when I was 13 back in 1982. I was always aware of them. Growing up on a musical household you couldn't miss them. Loving Boho rhap, Champions seeing the Flash Gordon movie etc. But my god; Another one notes the dust? F&cK; I hated that track. Being from Brooklyn, that's all I heard in 1980 . But when I nursed my leg, WOW ,what an amazing discovery! And in later years, I took such teasing for my love of Queen. Especially Freddie being gay. Somehow that's all anyone in my High School could focus on. I blackened many an eye to defend the honor of those 4 from London...

Tony Newman

Ok Wayne, you win. I must ask you, which era of Queen did you like best? I'm guessing the 80's? I personally LOVE!!!, ABSOLUTELY LOVE everything they did in the 70's. I think they were at their creative peak from Queen II to Races... Jazz may have been their last great album. Queen productions must have loved the 80's. So many DVD's from the 80's and ZERO from the 70's... When did you get the Queen bug?


Gee, I don't think I mentioned anything about JIZZ. That's your thing, but you must realize that once Freddie leapt from the closet (1978) the music CHANGED! It went from LOVE OF MY LIFE to GET DOWN MAKE LOVE. Queen music is a mood. I certainly have mine as you have yours Tony. I'm pointing out that all of that stuff is what made them DYNAMIC! Not flat and SQUEEKY CLEAN! And P.S. I enjoy my sex the same way : Beautiful, gentle, powerful nasty and exhausting! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN

Tony Newman

Also: do you really think all the hard core porno sex was fuel for great Queen music? I don't know about that one Wayne...

Tony Newman

Thanks Adult Queen Fan:-)... I'm probably older than you BTW but that doesn't mean I can't think of Queen as being "professional" instead of the raw, nasty, drug infested, jizz filled receptacle you say Freddie was... I'm not sure that would sell as well do you? Part of me wants the dirt on Queen but I was into Queen for ONLY the music so I may be better off not knowing that Freddie enjoyed lots of men dressed up in sailor suits or that they were a bunch of coke heads... I just don't want to know this... or do I ? What else do you know of this dark world Queen lived in? NO DON'T TELL ME, ok let me have it Wayne, but be gentle...

Wayne- Adult Queen Fan

Well Tony, it is a bitter pill to swallow, but I'm glad you're growing up. The music is better from an adult standpoint. Who wants squeaky clean? This was THE rock band of the 70's!! In all it's beauty and horror! That's why I love Queen. And I hope that is not destroyed in the sappy Brian & Roger movie. Freddie said "please don't make me boring" and by all accounts, they have. God save the Queen!!!

Tony Newman

Wow Wayne, how much info do u have and where did u get it? I hope that it's not true but I'm sure it's possible... We fans want our heroes to be squeaky clean but they ARE human AND famous so I'm sure there are things out there we probably shouldn't know. I heard from someone I know that Freddie had 12 men dressed in sailor suits waiting in line outside of his hotel room in Ohio back in the late 70's or maybe 80. I couldn't believe it but thought, it's possible I guess... I just don't want to know it...


Brian didn't give a great interview. Rolling Stone asked good questions and didn't let Brian bullshit his way out of answering things. Like the John Deacon issue and the Freddie Mercury movie. It seems the QueenMoneyMachine wants a Disney movie made about their man who did drugs galore and partied like a rock star all through the "AID-ies" 80's. There is no way to give this a PG rating. But they will try to down play all the illegal drug use and hard core porno sex that made Queen great and fuel beautiful music!


I hope Adam Lambert is left out of this....He is NO FREDDIE MERCURY

waylan drew

in my the lot collection not including the mr murdoch nude mix and whole house rockin´ in the fun on earth album, thank you


Brian sei un grande!!!! Ti adoro!!! ♡


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