Brian, Roger and Ben - New York City, May 2013

This photo has just come in from New York City! Ben, Brian and Roger have been overseeing auditions and doing press for the North American launch of We Will Rock You later in the year.

For tickets and more info go to www.wewillrockyou.com

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Brian, Roger and Ben - New York City, May 2013


I'm a fan from Turkey. just saw the WWRY Musical 2 days ago and I was thrilled; it was much better than I expected. I enjoyed a lot, thanks for visiting Turkey finally... this was the closest thing I could ever get to see Queen. I hope Brian and Roger go on a tour (like Queen +Paul Rodgers) again that will also include Turkey. Otherwise this will remain the only Queen-related thing, for Queen fans inTurkey,


I'm a native New Yorker. I saw the musical the first year it appeared at the Dominion in London. I couldn't wait. It started of so well... Then it fell to pieces. Really a bad musical. I can't believe it still limps along. Wow people really want anything Queen. As do I! As do the fans. Enough is enough. Where are the demos and the 'LOST' goodies. Where are the 70's concerts? Be kind to your fans!!!


Hello?! knock knock...what u guys are doing?! again this musical?!?!?! again?! stoooooop!!!!we want a new album with demos, possbly including the songs with M.J. .. we want the freddie's biopic... new boxsets, new live version...come on...we know you guys have a lot of staff inside the drawer...these are the things we want...Please don't forget the fans! the musical is ok but is this the only reality left? please...no... I LIKE QUEEN, I LIKE John, Brian, Roger and Freddie, I don't like the damn ballet...I'm like Homer....my apologise but I say what I want said someone........


Saw the show in Las Vegas, NV - USA....I liked it, but then again I'm a huge Queen fan

Jean Byrne

If the New York We Will Rock You is as good as the one now on at the Dominion Theatre in London, it will be fantastic.
In the space of four weeks I went to see WWRY three times. The cast in London is absolutely superb I could see it every week and never tire of it.


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