Classic Rock Magazine July 2011

July's edition of Classic Rock (Iron Maiden front cover) includes two features on the band, plus an inclusion in the Heavy Rotation column.

Page 30: Heavy Rotation - What we've been listening to this month

No.6 - Tenement Funster - Queen

Proof that it wasn't all sawn-off mic stands and OTT operatics, drummer Roger Taylor's gravel throated ode to the rock n' roll dream showed that Queen could kick it with the best of them. A lost treasure from 1974's classic Sheer Heart Attack album.

Page 56-60 & 120: Stone Cold Crazy

Under intense pressure, and with one band member in his sick bed, Queen still managed to record the album that laid the foundation for all the success that followed: Sheer Heart Attack.

Page 96:The Hard Stuff - Reissues

Queen - News Of The World, Jazz, The Game, Flash Gordon, Hot Space

The many changing faces of British rock n' roll's greatest showmen.

Original albums: 7/10

Bonus tracks: 6/10



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