Days Of Our Lives Nominated For A Golden Rose Award!

NEWS JUST IN! 'Days Of Our Lives' - The Definitive Documentary Of The World's Greatest Rock Band has been nominated for a Golden Rose Award! Congrats to Rhys Thomas and Simon Lupton! '

Days Of Our Lives' has been nominated in the Arts Documentary and Performing Arts category.

Queen – Days of Our Lives  - Globe Productions / Queen Productions for BBC (United Kingdom)

In 1971 four university students got together to form a band. 40 years on, Queen has released 26 albums and sold over 300 million records. Using a wealth of unseen archive footage, the band and those they encountered tell the full story of Queen – complete with critical pastings, failures, falling out of fashion and with each other, management wrangles and tragedy. And yet, they were the first with a 6 minute single at no 1, invented the music video, invented stadium rock and in Freddie had a front man who was the first Asian rock star. Queen never did anything by half. This is their story. 

Team: Simon Lupton, Rhys Thomas, Matt O Casey

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