Dear Mr Murdoch – a personal note from Queen’s Roger Taylor

Rock band Queen’s Roger Taylor is making his personal views on the current Murdoch-gate dramas publicly heard, and as would be natural from a highly accomplished songwriter/musician/singer, Taylor is doing it through his music.

Not the first time to face off against the Murdoch empire – when media mogul Rupert Murdoch made attempts to buy Manchester United football club in 1998 Taylor was identified as the mystery rock star who funded the club supporters in their attempts to block the sale, and historically helped them succeed – Taylor is voicing his opinion on current events by re- releasing his 1994 track, Dear Mr Murdoch, first heard on his ‘Happiness’ solo album

Taylor has revisited his original recording and made some ‘subtle updates’ to the track which goes up on YouTube today and should be available at iTunes early this week.  For now, Taylor is saying no more on the subject, other than ‘the original lyrics speak for themselves’.

Lyrics to Dear Mr. Murdoch 2011 (Roger Taylor)

Dear Mr. Murdoch, what have you done

With your news of the screws and your soaraway sun?

You sharpen our hatred

You've blunted our minds

We're drowning in nipples and bingo and sex crimes


How many time must they poke and they pry

Must they twist and lie?

Just to add to the grime they even screwed up the times

Love to kick their arse goodbye oh wouldn't i!


Dear Mr. Murdoch you play hard to see

But with your bare-arsed cheek you should be on page three

And dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits

Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits


They stain all they touch, they're real woman haters

But we're on their trail

They go straight for the lowest common denominators

How could they fail? go straight to jail - (no bail)!


Dear Mr. Murdoch you're a powerful man

You control half our media whose lifeblood is scam

And dear Mr. Murdoch we're not so amused

Just line up the people whose lives they've abused


And dear Mr. Murdoch you come down from on high

You even bought up the air waves, you control all our sky


Dear Mr. Murdoch where are you coming from?

Getting so hard to tell if you're a yank, oz or pom

Dear Mr. Murdoch you're really the pits

Bad news is good business, you're the king of the tits


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