Deep Cuts Vol.2: 4/5 MOJO Review



Deep Cuts 2 (Island)

Album track treasures from 1977-1982

The double whammy of  A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races positioned Queen as rock's expert architects. By the time they reached 1977's News Of The World, punk reigned supreme and their penchant for multi-layered everything was forced to take a back seat. This collection plots an alternative route through some the band's most decadent recordings. Spanning five albums - NOTW, Jazz, The Game, Hot Space and Flash Gordon - Deep Cuts 2 reminds that through the era of Bicycle Race and Another One Bits The Dust, Queen were as hard rocking as ever. Brian May's It's Late and Put Out The Fire pre-empt the 80's guitar anthems that would see them conquer stadiums, while John Deacons's deft melodic touch is represented in the gorgeous Spread Your Wings. 

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