Deep Cuts Vol.2 Tracklisting Confirmed / Date Change

Deep Cuts Vol.2 (1977-1982) is released on June 6th* in the UK, the same date as the second batch of re-issues - 'News Of The World', 'Jazz', 'The Game', 'Flash Gordon' and 'Hot Space'.


1 Mustapha

2 Sheer Heart Attack

3 Spread Your Wings

4 Sleeping On The Sidewalk

5 It's Late

6 Rock it

7 Dead On Time

8 Sail Away Sweet Sister

9 Dragon Attack

10 Action This Day

11 Put Out The Fire

12 Staying Power

13 Jealousy

14 Battle Theme

You can pre-order Deep Cuts Vol.2 (1977-1982) now through and HMV.
* Please note date change, this was previously June 13th.


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