DeNiro Visits WWRY North America Cast

The cast and creatives of We Will Rock You USA had surprise guest Robert De Niro, one of the show's producers, stop by before their rehearsal in NYC yesterday! 

Get tickets for the show in a city near you here:

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DeNiro Visits WWRY North America Cast


so? if that creep ever shows up at my frontdoor I'll call the police. anything new? throw some more quexes and lamberts and a brand new re-releases in, that'll be fun... christ what a mess. septemberish, octoberish, novemberish (better be the 28th) 2014, 2015, 2016 and oops, so sorry: off into the eternal huntingfields. but keep sending us your money. you guys are so wonderful! stars are in fact nothing but gasclouds, ladiogaga (proud of that too?)


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