'Dont Stop Me Now' Remix Competition Winner

The results are in! The winner, chosen by Roger, Brian and Justin and Kris from the Queen studio team, is Andy Myers with his Don''t Stop Me Now DJ Kenneth A mix - check it out below along with links to the Runner Up entries and the People's choice.

Andy's prize includes a mastering session at the Metropolis Studios in London, a 'Days Of Our Lives' Blu-Ray, a 'Live at Wembley Stadium' Deluxe DVD, a '40 Years of Queen' Book, a signed copy of 'Jazz', 'Deep Cuts' - Volumes 1, 2, and 3, a Avid 'Pro Tools 10 + M Box' and $1,000 cash!

Many congratulations Andy!


Andy Myers - "Don''t Stop Me Now DJ Kenneth A mix"


Lyra - "Don't Stop Me Now Lyra MPC remix"

Sean Lloyd - "Don't Stop Me Now Seanies Remix"


Denys Gaspra - "Don't Stop Me Now (Gaspra remix)"


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'Dont Stop Me Now' Remix Competition Winner


LOL they're all so crappy. SOrry but it's true. The one that should have won is awesome - mixed in several Queen songs and made something so fresh & fun and catchy. Just loved it. Matt Pop's Magic Mix https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0mv1aba20ag


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