Expanded Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference Footage

Check out this expanded edit of the Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference that took place last week at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

This edit sees the band discuss the set list, playing in Ukraine and Adam relationship with his dad's record collection!


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Expanded Queen + Adam Lambert Press Conference Footage

Tony Newman

Nice Alser... Or Journey with the Asian guy? I get it, Brian and Roger feel that this is a good move for Queen and I don't totally disagree. Adam can hit the notes that most couldn't SMELL at the Freddie tribute show... Except Extreme, they did a great job. So I will try to get behind this project. NOW, What LIVE songs (non hits) would you like to see Lambert perform? Give your Top 5, here's mine...

5. The Night Comes Down
4. White Queen
3. It's Late
2. Flick of the Wrist
1. The Millionaire Waltz

Cmon Jon, Wayne, Alser... BRING IT!


Where and when will be your nearest concert to Phoenix,,Az


Hi Great that Queen going on tour For me the nearest show is 9 hours away and in Vancouver canada so I would have to get passports too the cost for me would be in the excess of 500 wish they had a venue in seattle Wash which would be more doable for Me Please Add 1 more Show :)
Love Queen Grew up on them



Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in concert as The Beatles + Olly Murs. How would true Beatles fans feel about that. Just putting it in perspective.

Dwight Hoyle

Just got my tickets for Vancouver BC show and a hotel room a block away. Happy Anniversary to my beautiful bride and "Love of my Life" Debbie. Sorry we are in the nose bleed section, but at least we will be able to say..... " Now I'm Here" I have a feeling this show is gonna be "A Kind of Magic" We only got to see one concert last year and that was Sir Paul and this might be the only one we get to this year so we can say "Another one bites the Dust" and "Who wants to Live Forever" :)


I totally agree with tony newman,come on guys its time to release the 70 s concerts ive seen queen and adam lambert,it was a great show but please release some 70 s material

Tony Newman

Elvis impersonators don't come out and try NOT to be Elvis, so that's a bad comparison. I didn't think I'd like Paul Rodgers with Queen but was pleasantly surprised. It was AWESOME to see Brian and Roger live again and Paul sort of brought his own macho blues style to the music. Some of it worked, some not so much. They have to play the hits and that's where I think it goes awry... THAT being said, I think new fans will love this new show. From what I've seen and heard with Adam, I will not be going simply because the grinding, thrusting, helium sounding notes and vocal exercises kind of embarrasses Queen's legacy in my opinion. YOU shut up! This site is for Queen fans to voice opinions. I'm glad half of Queen are still out there. I'm glad NEW Queen fans are going to line up for this tour. I'm glad you guys who bought tickets are going!!! All of us DIE HARD Queen fans ask for is one thing... ONE THING!!!! Do the Adam show! Do the Extravaganza show! Do We Will Rock You musical! Release Wembley again and again! Hell release Queen and Adam on DVD a few times!!! We don't care! WE JUST WANT OUR 70's DVD's or BluRays... that's all... that's all... Please shut us all the hell up and do this for us and you'll never hear from us again... Mr Beach, these old shows don't have to be perfect... Some of us are semi-happy with the YouTube quality of these shows but know you have something better... RELEASE IT!!!! Freddie!


Amazing news that Queen is touring again. Did not think I would see it happen again... Brian May & Roger Taylor obviously enjoy working with and think highly of Adam Lambert. They feel he's the best man to front Queen and I agree! Bravo! The show must go on!.


Fabulous! I remember Adam on American tv and cheering for him to win. Welcome our new generation, as I sure Freddie Mercury would as well.

And welcome to the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose)!


I have to say I understand about some of Freddie's fans having trouble seeing anyone else "in his place." I have felt that way for even more years about Elvis impersonators, imitators--anybody who DARED sing one of his songs. I get it. I also made the effort to research QUEEN with Freddie (I was raising kids then--oblivious) and now I also see how words can't describe the spectacular Freddie Mercury with Queen.

here comes the but.......But Adam Lambert is himself. As himself he is, as verified by Brian and Roger, as well as millions of others, Brilliant. One of a Kind. An incredible stage presence. I know. I cried when I first heard his voice while channel surfing.

Don't look for Freddie. Look for a fabulous, one more time in your life concert. Roger, Brian and Adam will provide that.

Competition as to who is better is fruitless. ENJOY THIS BEAUTIFUL NEW GIFT. I will never not carry Elvis in my heart just as you will never ever forget Freddie. Nobody wants us too. Nobody. But we have this gift now. Accept it with joy! My best to all of you...from a Glambert at 70 with Eyes, Ears and a Heart that still work just fine.


It will be a fantastic show, I'm sure!! Yes you should play again! Adam can sub quite well, sure it's not Freddy, but bringing queen back to life again is great!!!!
Have fun on tour!


I tried to keep an open mind and watch this but no cigar...just couldn't. Glad Brian & Roger are "excited" just hurt to look at. Alas.


Now this IS hot shit! Fuck yeah! I can't wait for everything to unfold!!!!


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