Fat Bottomed Girls Interrupts Heated TV Debate

A heated debate reviewing PMQs was interrupted by the sound of Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen suddenly coming from Nick Robinson's tablet computer.

MPs Caroline Flint and Shailesh Vara were arguing about banking bonuses when the BBC political editor's machine played the track live on BBC2's Daily Politics.

The pair declined his request for them to name song lyrics, and Andrew Neil went back to play referee in the political debate. (Local Restrictions will apply)

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Fat Bottomed Girls Interrupts Heated TV Debate


I know I'm usually the pissed off person, but I have to say on a completely positive note that this article effing rocks. Wish I could have seen it. LoL.


fools....they should've let the song play out, a lot more enjoyable than watching them!!!! lol

Bob Follen

Cracking! Hopefully Nick will liven up Question Time sound tracked by his Queen tracks. Maybe he could slay the MP's (with their "Second Homes" and their ignorance regarding "Badger Culls") to the sound "Gimme The Prize".


Ahahahah :-) nice!!!


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