Festive Book Deals - Save 40%!


If you are looking for a special book this Christmas head to the Queen Online Store with 40% savings on selected titles from Queen, Freddie Mercury and Brian May.

For more information of each book title click here >>


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Festive Book Deals - Save 40%!

waylan drew

in my the lot collection not including the mr murdoch nude mix and whole house rockin´ in the fun on earth album, thank you

nadine ramos

moi le livre avec Freddie en roi il est trop beau.


Uhhh, right. So yeah, I'll buy this. Somewhere else. Probably Amazon.com Anyway!


@Alex ...and don't forget your customs clearance will probably want something out of you too. Life IS a bitch - don't let anyone tell you otherwise mate! You have a nice day! :)


This was great until I realized that it costed twenty three fucking U.S. dollars to have it shipped to me! It must be coming from God or something cause I don't think it's from here in the U.S. of A.! I was shocked! I thought that this was the U.S. version of this website...and it may be...but it's still coming from elsewhere. Whatever!


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