Freddie For A Day: Full Hard Rock Cafe List and Event Details

The Mercury Phoenix Trust teams up with Hard Rock Cafe across Europe to help celebrate Freddie For A Day, which is held each year on September 5 to mark Freddie's birthday.

Hard Rock Cafe in cities throughout Europe will open up their restaurants on September 5th to help raise funds and awareness for Freddie For A Day. There will be prizes for the best dressed Freddie's as well as entertainment throughout the day.

Marc Carey, the Director of Marketing for Hard Rock Europe says “Hard Rock Cafe is delighted to be working alongside Queen and The Mercury Phoenix Trust on their annual ‘Freddie For A Day’ fund raising and awareness day on Thursday September 5th. Hard Rock has long been associated with the rock legends and their charity, raising $350,000 through the sales of a Queen Signature Series T-Shirt and even setting up a ‘mobile’ restaurant backstage at the Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert at Wembley Stadium in ’92. Each cafe throughout Europe will be encouraging local Freddie fans to come along dressed up as the icon and to raise funds for this great cause that funds HIV/AIDS awareness and education throughout the world”

Claudia Walker of the Mercury Phoenix Trust says "The Mercury Phoenix Trust initiative Freddie For A Day is a global AIDS fundraising and awareness campaign, enabling fans around the world to help the Trust in its work and have fun whilst doing so. This new partnership with the Hard Rock Cafe will further raise the profile of Freddie For A Day as we join forces in many cities, initially across Europe, to celebrate Freddie's life and help those less fortunate to fight this terrible disease which ended his life”


Helsinki - Event Details


Amsterdam - Events Details


Barcelona - Event Details

Madrid - Event Details


Brussels - Event Details


Copenhagen - Event Details


Cologne - Event Details

Berlin - Event Details

Munich - Event Details




Florence, Venice & Rome - Events Details


London - Event Details 



Prague - Event Details


Paris - Event Details


Warsaw / Krakow - Event Details


Dublin - Event Details


Lisbon - Event Details


Buenos Aires - Event Details


Tokyo - Event Details

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Freddie For A Day: Full Hard Rock Cafe List and Event Details

Michelle Boomer

Shame on the U.S. for not participating!! Would love to go to this event.

Linda April

Is there going to be a Freddie for a Day at the Hard Rock Cafe Toronto.......this year 2016?


WE NEED "FREDDIE FOR A DAY" events in Canada and the U.S


Great Idea, but the US is not on this list. That is a shame because we could be raising even more money for this great cause!

richard bailey

Unquestionably the greatest rock singer and performer of all time. Freddie, your music is very much alive today.

Dina & Marcel

We are also very disappointed that Hard Rock in the USA is not participating.


I have already emailed Hard Rock and told them how disappointed and angry I am that NOT ONE HARD ROCK in USA has decided to honor Freddie and support the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Please do the same. Let them know how you feel. Shame on them!


The USA, Canada and Mexico are so boring!

Gina Laterza

Why don't they do this any where in North America !!!!
I live & breath Freddie mercury and love to be apart of this

Julie Hanson

Bizarre none of the "event details" links work for me.... is it because I am not in Europe? Wanted to forward the details to friends in various cities....


Cheryle Stark

We miss you so much Freddie!!!!!!! But you live in our hearts & minds forever!!!!!!!!!!

David Bowie

I think Brian and Black Eyed Peas should record a special song for Phoenix Trust / Hard Rock Cafe Freddie day. It will go like this:

Spread your wings Hard Rock Cafe
Rock Cafe, Rock Cafe
Oh, spread your little wings Hard Rock Cafe
It's Freddie Day, Freddie Day!

These lyrics incorporate the wings of the Phoenix and the Hard Rock Cafe itself and so are very appropriate. John Deacon may have to give his permission for this, but I have no doubt that he would do that.

Arsen Bolocks

Why Hard Rock Café logo first? Why not Phoenix Trust logo first with Hard Rock Café logo second? This to me is extreme disrespectful of memory of Freddie. So much money from Freddie to AIDS research and now Hard Rock Café is more important?!? Plainly disgusting. Hard Rock Café have requested this? If yes we must not dine there.


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