Freddie Mercury: 1946-1991

Freddie Mercury - Lover of Life, Singer of Songs. 

September 5th 1946 - November 24th 1991.

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Freddie Mercury: 1946-1991

paul stone

Legends never die . Keep on rocking Mr Bad Guy x

Tomasz Baran

You are still with us Hon!!
Much love x

A. Murray

There can be only one...


Let's say that you're dead on this day for our obsessive need to give time to everything. But there's no time for a legend. Thank you for existing freddie


R.I.P. Freddie
We love and remeber you !


I still love u now as much as I did then,i don't think a day goes by without me listening to you or watching you,and even after all this time,I still smile,even if I've seen the footage a million times before,God bless u sweetheart,hope your still rocking away,wish u were still here xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Carol Sheets

You are part of my life every day, still loved, thought of and missed by so many.

jonathan cockerell

Still very sadly missed. 22 years have gone so fast.

charlotte belton

freddie thinking of you today and always. i still love you xxxxx


I still love You, Freddie! You are the Best!
Rest in Peace

Jennifer Swanson

I can't believe it's been 22 years already. Freddie Mercury was the ultimate Rockstar and his strength was incredible until his death. Keep Rockin in Heaven


Ian Brown

Never to be forgotten


I thank you for the most unusual, fine, eternal music. Always in my heart. From Russia with sincere love.

nadine ramos

j'adore j'adore super vidéo.


Dear Freddie, You are the greatest singer I ever discovered throughout my life! Me, and also the fans miss you with all our hearts. Your music seems like it was created to this very day, it was the work of a genius! You inspired me to get very creative when it comes to music, and art. You even inspired me to sing, dance, and play piano a lot more. I wish I was in your time period, but I was born 9 years too late, but I still love you as an awesome, flamboyant, multi-talented musician, and for your outstanding personality. You are like no other, dear. I hope you keep rocking out in heaven, wherever you are. RIP Freddie darling, We still love you


gotta leave us all behind and face the truth.
You are so full of love to all people and life that I'm sure you have welcomed with love in your destination.
We still love you.Rest in Peace.


"My goddess hear my darkest fear / I speak too late / It's for evermore that I wait / Dear friend goodbye"
We still remember. We still love.


[*] a light from Poland.. we miss You Freddie


Can't believe that it's been 22 years without YOU. We still remember you Freddie! Thank you for your music, thank you for your heritage!


I love You Freddie. Thanks For Your Music
Sempre et recordaré, em vas ensenyar que es la musica


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