Freddie Mercury: 1946-1991

Freddie Mercury - Lover of Life, Singer of Songs. 

September 5th 1946 - November 24th 1991.

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Freddie Mercury: 1946-1991




Freddie - thanks for all your music. You still live in every single note.


I will miss you Freddie (Farrokh)

You and Queen made the greatest music ever heard.


You're sorely missed But looking forward to a new album with Queen next year.

Jose Sáez

Always on my mind....


Thank you freddie/queen you still rocking after all these years and always will - love you freddie/queen


Thank you Freddie.♥
we still love you! ★


Thank you so much for the beautiful music /


Dear Freddie,
Thank you so much for the beautiful music. You live on through your music; inspiring, soothing, exciting and bringing joy to all who listen. I wish I would have known you! But in some way, touched by your music, I feel in some way I have. My one wish; to have been that person in the front , with the Day At At The Races shirt on, cheering you during Live Aid. You will be eternally missed Mr.Mercury


His spirit lives on, in his music and legacy. Wherever you are, we are with you, you are with us.

Gracias Freddie :)

Javier Osses I.

Te extrañamos Freddie!!, supiste aprovechar tu vida, entregándonos música e inolvidable piezas de arte como Bohemian Rhapsody o Somebody To Love. Siempre admiré tu talento y tu fuerza para luchar hasta el final. Que Dios te tenga en su reino.

We miss you Freddie!, you knew leverage your life, thanks for giving us unforgettable music and art pieces as Bohemian Rhapsody and Somebody To Love. I always admired your talent and strength to fight to the end. May God hold you in his kingdom.


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