Freddie Named Greatest Frontman by Gigwise

- Queen star beats Brandon Flowers to top poll -

Gigwise readers have named Queen star Freddie Mercury the best frontman of all time, as we put together the greatest band ever, as chosen by readers.

Mercury topped the poll with a clear lead over nearest rival, Brandon Flowers of The Killers. David Bowie placed third, while Morrissey and Bruce Springsteen placed fourth and fifth respectively.

Mercury died in 1991, and in the years since, a number of stars have stepped into Mercury's shoes to front Queen, including Paul Rodgers and American Idol star, Adam Lambert.

In the coming weeks, Gigwise readers will be selecting the rest of the ultimate band, picking guitarist, bassist and drummer to complete the fantasy line-up.

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Freddie Named Greatest Frontman by Gigwise


I'm sorry, I did not understand a bit.. Freddie was not just the leading singer... or do you really think that Adam Lambert and Roger is the replacement of Mercury?... This is nonsense... how could this happen at all... with all respect to everything that you have done before

nadine ramos

pour moi il reste la plus grande oeuvre d'art de la musique
irremplaçable meme encore au'jourdh'ui il reste le top du top comme MJack.....


Who needs a poll for that? Of course he's the best frontman ever. No one will ever say that about the lambert-freak, the american wannabe idol from FOX(!), the NWO-puppet owned by Murdoch. Get that??? Good, now SHOVE IT!

Johnny Joke Poll

The poll was obviously unnecessary, "there can be only one" winner. But the number 2 spot proves that it was also a piece of s*** poll.


Nah, Who doubts that Freddie is the best rock singer and frontman of Queen?


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