Fun On Earth Vinyl For Record Store Day

Roger's latest solo album Fun On Earth is to be released on vinyl for Record Store Day on Saturday 19th April.

More details to follow!

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Fun On Earth Vinyl For Record Store Day


I think Freddie is damn Qu££n for the boring way they're managing the business. Shame on you..really. You could do 848484 things to make your fans happy, but no. Keep on trying milking your fans. I'm looking forward to see the ''new'' footage of wembley, Roger's defective boxsets and Greatest hits ultramega definitive 3. Ridiculous

nadine ramos

( A king of magic) paradise sur


entre terre et paradis trop fun
que du bonheur



The box set did have one or two glitches but was recalled for that reason. Then it was sold without the glitches. No problem at all with mine and happy. If it hasnt been released in the States ...I'm sure it will in time. You seem to be a bit behind UK releases anyway. Hopefully it will be perfect for you...we were the guinea pigs. Can't wait to get my hands on the vinyl version anyway, for what its worth.


Whaa?! Yes "The Lot" was released worldwide but it also was not released in the U.S. for whatever that is worth. Plus...what's with the hatred?!


I hate you Queen fans. I hate you so much


Ok I wonder what errors they will pack into this release? Notice the box set has been deleted already....that was worthwhile wasn't it?? It pains it to say it about my favourite band but queen and their record company are a bad joke these days.

Matt Day

Waste of time! I queued up once years ago and would never do it again. Ended up buying the stuff on ebay. A days for collectors ruined by dealers. Similar to the concert ticket situation where the true fans miss out thanks to touts and other ticket websites selling at huge profits. I thought the idea of RSD was to promote going to the shops to buy stuff but if you end up shopping for it on ebay then what's the point?!


Great stuff. Let's see how many arseholes grab a load & stick them on e bay. VULTURES.


I can hardly believe it ?!?


Fuck yeah!


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