Roger Promo Update: On Sunday Brunch This Weekend / Listen to Team Rock Interview


Sunday Brunch - Roger will be appearing as a guest on Sunday Brunch this Sunday 27th October on Channel 4 from 9.30am. More info over @ www.channel4.com/programmes/sunday-brunch


Sarah Cox  - Radio 2 80s show - November Saturday 23rd

Listen to Roger's interview with Nicky Horne on Team Rock Radio's Classi Rock Magazine Show. (Thanks to www.brianmay.com)


Sunday Telegraph - My Kind Of Town interview to run on Sunday 10th November.

Pre-Order Now!

The Lot: http://www.queenonlinestore.com/Roger-Taylor/*/The-Lot/2Q6A0000077

Fun on Earth: http://www.queenonlinestore.com/Roger-Taylor/Music/fun-on-earth/2QZK035P077

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Roger Promo Update: On Sunday Brunch This Weekend / Listen to Team Rock Interview


Why would Roger be doing this promo stuff and not release this in the UK, are you off yer chump. Of course he is releasing it and hopefully all Queen fans will buy it and put it at number one in the charts...


channeling mr. Bulsara: LIAR! OH NOBODY BELIEVES YOU... we've brought you fame and fortune and everything that goes with it. NOW THANK US ALL!!! yes it's been a bed of roses, a pleasure cruise... you've considered it a challenge before all human race but now you lose! see you at armageddon babe and be lucky if we pray for you, you FOX(y) rockgod... SELL YOUR BOATS AND F OFF WITH YOUR CHARITY MOUSTACHE...

Andrew Holmes

Yes there is Stuart Hulme.


Roger - I love your QUEEN / THE CROSS / SOLO stuff.

I never knew you was a Chelsea fan...and isn't Felix a ManUre fan.

LIVERPOOL is the only team.

John McGlynn

Can someone from Queen Productions confirm whether or not there will be a physical release of 'The Lot' in the UK.

Stuart Hulme

Just learned that there is to be no physical CD/DVD release of The Lot in the UK. Disgusting. UK gets snubbed again. Shall order from Germany instead, UKs loss!


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