Gary Taylor's Queen Room - Part 2

Watch the second part of the Rare Share clip that covers Queen expert Gary Taylor's 'Queen Room'. Gary has been collecting since 1977 and is often brought in to help out on Queen projects when required.

Click here for Part 1.

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Gary Taylor's Queen Room - Part 2

isabelle O

I would love to do the dusting in there ! i could even spend hours !
This is really great - The dream of every fans to have a dedicated room like yours - i keep all my collected stuff in boxes and honestly i hope one day i can do the same with the little i have. Thanks for sharing ! and... can fans visit your museum ?

Alfonso Rojas

Congratulations, lots os surpris items; I `ve got some photos from Monterrey, 9th October 1981 concerts, three magazins from that era printed in Mèxico, The Game album printed in England -whole cover in silver, and two tapes with th wholee concwrt here in Monterrey Mèxico, but nothin like thse extraordinaire items; Congratulations again, Gary

Alan Donald

What an amazing collection : wish I had half of it,but then again I would need a few additional rooms to house the collection : you really do seem to have the lot when it comes to Queen memorabilia,or is there anything you don't have?



Mercury man

He works for queen so I'm sure most if the stuff he he gets well some of it is free?i doubt he bought all those boxsets promo cardboard etc himself I doubt very much working for queen you get loads of goodies over the years I'd like to see what he paid for or a list of? Maybe he bought the 7inch vinyls the vinyls albums like most fans but not all of that (lot) wasn't he behind (rt,s) boxset called(rotten tomatoes?) but anyway he didn't buy all that believe me he's a (liar)


My dream too ;D I have at least 1/1000 of your collection at my place Gary ;)

Ernst H. Larsen

Very nice collection Gary. Nice stored.


wish I'd been collecting since 77 ... I'd really like the cd's of all the concerts & the box of 7", I'm not greedy




I want it all, I want it all, I want it all, and I want it now!


Impressing, this must have been a full time job to collect. When the band and the record company need some memorabilia - this is the perfect library :-D


MY dream ......


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