Gary Taylor's Queen Room

Co-owner of 'Rare Share: Queen Collectables', Gary Taylor, shows us his Queen Room, which is filled with Queen memorabilia that he has been collecting since 1977. Wow.

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Gary Taylor's Queen Room

Barbara Byng

SO tidy!


WOW!!! I though I was a massive Queen fan but this is just unbelievable. I'm seriously jealous of this room. I want to see it with my own eyes. If you run out of space I can keep some in my room. Keep the magic of Queen alive! :)

Alan Donald

This is incredible : you must be the ultimate collector of Queen memorabilia,proving you are a real fan : what a collection : keep the magic of Queen alive : "The Show Must Go On"

Ernst Harald Larsen

A really NICE collection there Gary. And also nice stored in your room.

Aat van der Windt

It's amazing
I havew also a Queen room, but not so big

Emilio Melo

Please, one day if you need to find some space in your room just let me know!!! I can find some space here to keep your collection.


Wow, what a display! Those are some great finds :)

david taylor

It is nice to know that Mr Gary Taylor is not only a nice guy but has a great Collection...and is the Greatest Queen fan ever...well after Jim Jenkins...ha ha!!!


amazing .. :D
lovely greetings from berlin

nadine ramos

quel bordel putain


Quite a nice little collection..bit of a Brian Mayniac I see.Where is all the stuff pre-Innuendo.The stuff from Queen - NOTW is what we really wanna see.Got n NOTW Robot...I do..bought id from a record store in Austin TX.


♪ ♫ Now i'm only left with my own jealousy... ♪ ♫


Oh yeah!

kevin healy

WOW and I thought I was a fan and everything in such pristine condition


Nice :-)


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