Happy Birthday Freddie!

Today would have been Freddie Mercury's 66th Birthday!

Happy Birthday Mr Fahrenheit!

Click here to give Freddie a present by donating to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Whatever you are doing today to celebrate Freddie's birthday, be sure to keep checking www.freddieforaday.com for updates on what is going on around the world and of course send in pictures and reports of your day! 

We have events taking place across the world, images of the Savoy Event in London from Monday night, Angry Birds riding bicycles, quotes from famous fans, Freddie lip balms, fan stories, downloadable Tache apps, news on winning Freddie books signed by him mum and guitar tributes to Freddie songs...the fun never stops!

Once again, whoever you are and whatever you chose to do to raise money and celebrating Freddie's birthday please e-mail us at ffad@mercuryphoenixtrust.com to let us how you get on! 

Donate to the Mercury Phoenix Trust here or order Freddie For A Day merchandise, including the Angry Bird T-shirt to help us raise funds Fighting AIDS Worldwide.

www.freddieforaday.com / www.mercuryphoenixtrust.com

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