IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update

Attention all Queen + Adam Lambert fans who are signed up to the e-mail list! 

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check your inbox from 7am EDT / 11am GMT on Monday 24th March for exciting news about the North American Tour!

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IMPORTANT: Queen + Adam Lambert North American Tour Update

Mike Altritt

Any plans for the band adding some dates in the Southeast? Virginia, North/South Carolina, Georgia, Florida....? It would be nice.

Alondra Taylor

Hi i want kwon if Queen comes to México or Chile???
I aprecEeied your answer!!!!!!!

Martin Phillips

Still no sign of an e-mail to my mailbox. I was confounded from buying affordable tickets at Madison Square Garden. Now, by the time the promised e-mail comes through, the fan allocation will be sold out!

Does anyone know what happened with the promised e-mails this morning?

Thom Underwood

please send me info

Tina Lambert

I just signed up for the email list. Can you send me the presale code?


I can't figure out how to sign up for the email list. Please add me.

Tony Newman

I will go out on a limb here and guess that most of you Queen Lambert fans would prefer to hear this Top 5:

1 Another One Bites the Dust
2 Fat Bottomed Girls
3 Who Wants to Live Forever
4 The Show Must Go On
5 These Are the Days Of Our Lives
and of course BoRap?
Would this just make it an unbelievable night for you guys?

virginia vimbela

I am saving money to be with you guys in San Jose


I'm so excited to see Adam sing with Queen. I know this is a "once in a lifetime experience". Thank you.

Mark Roberts


Got it.. thank you so much!


My multi-generational family is so excited to see this incredible show at MSG! Hoping rumors abt tix for Izod Center in New Jersey are true. We'd love to see them there too! Last time I saw Queen perform in NYC, my kids weren't even born, but they'll be with me this time! Adam's an outstanding performer in his own right & great fit for these shows!


@Mark Roberts Click 'News' at the top of page. Scroll down to "The Official Queen Online Newsletter" and click on Register. ;)

Mark Roberts

Sorry to sound stupid.. how do you sign up for the email list. I am not finding it.


Charlotte Miller-Evans

please add me to the email list

Rosa Yang

I'll be in Vancouver from Taiwan!

Volker Schoelles

Please also don't forget us in Europe especially here in Germany!


Please please please come to Germany as well!! Or at least Europe!


Please don't forget us down South, there is a great venue in Sarasota Florida, called the Van Wezel performing arts .....Please come to Florida...



Tony Newman

Lauren Knight, I'm impressed with your Adam Lambert with Queen's Top 5 wish list... I wonder how many other Queen fans would include It's Late for their list. Jon, you don't have to go but IF you did, what 5 songs (non hits) would impress you if Lambert sang them? I know It's Late would be there... Anybody else? Wayne? Where are you? I think I'd also like to see March of the Black Queen as well Lauren! Nice choice!


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